10 Icky Places Toddlers Love to Play

Worms? Those are yummy!

Lets all face it… toddlers are gross.

They try to eat things off the floor, want to use every public toilet they come in contact with, and play in places that would send us adults cringing at even the mention.  They are fearless and really don’t get the concept of germs, or gross.

I mean I guess we should envy them right?  To be so carefree again?  Only something that would come with being a kid again.

I started putting a list together of places my kids would just love to play, some we can consider acceptable but gross and some are just downright nasty.

What are your kids favorite gross places to play?
What kind of places send you over the gross edge?

  • Mall Play Areas… 1 of 10
    Mall Play Areas...
    While they may be meant for kids... can you imagine how many "accidents" have happened here... Ick!
  • Public Bathrooms 2 of 10
    Public Bathrooms
    If I had a dime for every time my kids wanted to actually PLAY in the bathroom I would be rich. Talk about gross!
  • Under Public Tables 3 of 10
    Under Public Tables
    This is what skeeves me out the most! My kids always want to climb under them with ONE motive, and one motive only... nasty chewed gum. PEOPLE! PLEASE STOP STICKING YOUR CHEWED GUM UNDER TABLES!
  • The Litter Box 4 of 10
    The Litter Box
    No kids, that is NOT a sand box!
  • Dirt Piles 5 of 10
    Dirt Piles
    Dirt, worms, and whatever other bugs there are in there... ICK!
  • Dirty Diapers 6 of 10
    Dirty Diapers
    I don't know what it is with kids, poop, and playing with it... My 2 year old is notorious for sticking his hand straight into poop no matter HOW he can get into the diaper! GROSS!
  • Ball Pits 7 of 10
    Ball Pits
    Dude, I don't even want to KNOW what is under those balls... Enough said.
  • Public Pools 8 of 10
    Public Pools
    As much as I don't want to think about it because we use them sometimes... I can't imagine how many kids have peed at the LEAST in public pools!
  • Garbage Can 9 of 10
    Garbage Can
    Do they not understand this is a play to deposit... not withdraw?
  • The Dogs Pen 10 of 10
    The Dogs Pen
    In our yard we have a run for the dog so she doesn't poop in the area the kids play. Unfortunately for us the kids go run through her crap in her pen anyway. FAIL!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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