10 Items and Activities We Will Have at My Son's 4th Birthday Party

My older son, the Shnook, is turning 4 in just over a week. This means it’s time for me to plan his birthday party.

What say you?

“You haven’t planned his birthday party yet?”

Well, actually, I’ve been thinking about it all year long, as has the Shnook. It’s the first year he remembers his birthday from the previous year and has been looking forward to it since … last July. Also, this year he has more of a vision, and all sorts of ideas and requests.

However, I’ve done virtually nothing in terms of concrete planning, which is kind of my modus operandi.

I’m not very organized, have I ever mentioned that?

So, I guess I’ll get organized publicly. Perhaps you all can add the 28 (or 280) things I have forgotten and help me with a few unplanned items below?

1. Cake: Well, this is a no-brainer. Shnook wants a Toy Story cake. This means I have ordered some Toy Story cake toppers from the internet. Hey, I’ve actually done one thing on the list so far.

2. Bobbing for Apples: Ever since  Shnook and I read Curious George Goes To A Costume Party, Shnook has wanted bobbing for apples at his birthday party. Who am I to tell him that this is a “fall activity” and not a July birthday thing. Bobbing for apples we will have. P.S. We read this book at least 8 months ago!

3. Bagels: I’ve decided to make his birthday a brunch this year. Bagels, cream cheese, lox, fresh scrambles with local eggs, fruit salad, and muffins. And bacon, I should probably have bacon, right? Drinks will be O.J. water and milk. Coffee will be available, too.

4. Booze: Bloody Marys and Mimosas for the grown-ups, so really no one’s going to want any coffee.

5. Water:  We’re right on the lake, but  don’t have a new dock yet since Irene destroyed it last year, plus, our rocky beach is not safe for a bunch of kids to swim.  However, we have sprinklers, and a water table. Perhaps I’ll even invest in a plastic wading pool from Ace Hardware.

6. Games: I’m thinking bobbing for apples might not be enough, even if the party is only 2 hours long, so I need to think of a couple of easy, low preparation back-up games.

7. Favors: Shnook loves soccer, Toy Story, planes, trains, dinosaurs, hippos and outer space— the last three being his latest obsessions. What kind of favor or loot bag can I plan with these things in mind?

8. Music: I haven’t decided what this will be, but there may be some impromptu ukelele playing. Not sayin’ who will do it, just sayin’ it might happen.

9. Grandparents: My parents are driving six hours to be at this event.

10. Fun: Hopefully, the Shnook will have lots of fun at this party and will remember it fondly…at least until next year.

Does anyone have any more details to add that I forgot?

P.S. I wish our Los Angeles, New York and other long distance friends could be there with us.

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