10 Lessons Learned From Our First Week of Preschool

The toddlers started a new preschool this week. I knew life would be different went the kids went back to school, but I had no idea that it would be this different. While the boys have been in school, it’s been with a teacher who has taught all of our kids. Starting something new, with longer hours has been full of changes and emotions.

Here are 10 lessons we have learned from our toddler’s first week of preschool.

  • Lessons Learned 1 of 11

    Our 2 toddlers started a new preschool. Here are 10 lessons learned the first week of preschool.

  • Preschool Wears The Toddlers Out 2 of 11

    The first day of preschool, the boys were so tired one fell asleep in the car on the 5 minute ride home. School is wearing them out.

  • Sibling Time is Important 3 of 11

    This summer, the boys spent a lot of time with their older siblings. Our older kids come home exhausted, but just want to play with the toddlers. I didn't know, with the age gap (5 years and 7 years) between the toddlers and the older kids, if they would be close. It's so neat to see that they all love each other so much.

  • Forced Schedules Can Be a Good Thing 4 of 11

    As much as I hate early mornings, the boys going to school has put mom on a schedule as well and it's amazing for productivity.

  • I Was More Anxious Than They Were 5 of 11

    With a new school, I anticipated a melt down and tears from at least one of the boys. Nope, none. The teachers are all like grandmas and I am so thankful for that. The boys have only thrown a fit when it was time for us to go home.

  • Working Without Distraction is Productive 6 of 11

    I have not had this much quiet in my life since leaving my job. I take the older kids to school in the morning and have a 15 minute ride of silence back. I then come home to a house with no noise. Such a contrast from just a week ago.  My introverted self is loving this alone time. And my productivity? It's through the roof!

  • I Miss My Kids 7 of 11

    Yesterday, I had my monthly night out with the girls. With 4 kid,s we are in a constant juggle. The husband got the boys dressed and drove them to school, while I took the older 2 to their school. Then in the evening, he picked them up. I walked in at 8 and the littlest was in bed. WHAT?! I can't go a day without seeing my Zeke! I may have woken him up and held him for half an hour.

  • Kids Learn So Quickly 8 of 11

    This summer, the boys attended a school, but weren't on a curriculum. They went on field trips every day and played hard. It was perfect for the summer, but I knew that come the school year, I wanted more structure and more opportunities for them to learn. In just a few days, both the boys have already picked up several new words. Our 3-year-old was showing me everything that was yellow. It's amazing, toddlers are little sponges!

  • School Food Is Not Home Food 9 of 11

    I asked the teachers what they are eating and when. Maybe the toddlers are just used to the summer schedule of sneaking into the pantry all day and eating around the clock. When they come home, they just want food and they want it fast.

  • The Boys Are Excited About Going to School 10 of 11

    Izaiah woke me up this morning informing me, "I go to school Mommy." It was 6 AM. The alarm is set for 6:20. I guess he was excited!

  • They Really Do Love Each Other 11 of 11

    The first day that I picked them up, both were outside playing. They are in difference classes, so I didn't know if they would see each other. I watched outside the fence as they both took turns hitting a tree with a bat. They weren't even hitting each other with the bat! I love seeing them get along. File this under: Things that rarely happen at home.

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