10 Non-Events That Make Toddlers Deliriously Happy

Toddler humor
Toddlers are notoriously easy to please

Christmas only comes once a year. Same for birthdays and the 4th of July.

And yet in the life of a toddler, it’s all of those and then some several times a day. Not because you’ve done much that’s necessarily special, but because they often see the extraordinary in the very, very mundane. It’s part of their charm, isn’t it?

Here are 10 run-of-the-mill events that make toddlers positively weak in the knees and dizzy with excitement:

  • The Remote Control 1 of 10
    The Remote Control
    Not a toy remote control. The remote control.
    They know the difference. One makes them inexplicably, ridiculously giddy.
    The other actually pisses them off.
  • Yogurt 2 of 10
    Peach, banana, sweet potato, blueberry. Doesn't matter the flavor.
    Bring. It. On.
  • Holding an iPhone for 4.3 Seconds 3 of 10
    Holding an iPhone for 4.3 Seconds
    Although when you take it away from them, they weep like they've just seen "The Notebook."
  • When You Get Them Out of Their Crib 4 of 10
    When You Get Them Out of Their Crib
    No matter if it was just the routine afternoon nap or you're getting them up in the morning for breakfast, when they see you, they cheer as if you're Justin Bieber walking onstage at Madison Square Garden and they are a gaggle of 11-year-old girls.
  • Elmo 5 of 10
    It doesn't matter if they've never seen "Sesame Street." It really doesn't matter that the guy behind Elmo has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately.
    When they see a tuft a red fur and hear that voice, it's like they've just eaten a large slice of heaven.
  • Sippy Cups 6 of 10
    Sippy Cups
    "Water!" the look in their eyes squeals with delight. "This is so awesome! Thanks for keeping me hydrated! You're the best, Mom!"
  • Peek-A-Boo 7 of 10
    You really haven't gone anywhere — and you really never do.
    And yet when you cover your eyes with your hands to play peek-a-boo for the 40th time in a row, it's as if they're sitting front row at the circus and you are the ringmaster, the poodle in the silly hat and the guy selling cotton candy, Cracker Jacks and expensive flashlight and all wrapped into one.
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly 8 of 10
    Peanut Butter and Jelly
    "For the 44th lunch in a row?" their body language screams with delight as bounce excitedly in their booster chair at the kitchen table. "It Halloween, Flag Day, and Cinco de Mayo — again!"
  • The Shower 9 of 10
    The Shower
    Not their bath. Your shower. As in, when you are in the shower. Toddlers love peeking in, trying to catch some drops of water on their tongue, and getting wet (while fully clothed, of course).
    There's just nothing like it.
    Including and especially their bath.
  • Photos of Themselves 10 of 10
    Photos of Themselves
    "Hey look!" their enthusiasm seems to shout. "It's a kid! Around my age! Good-looking kid, too, I might add."

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