10 Of Our FAVORITE Toddler Toys!

water table
Genius Water Table

Our toy collection keeps growing and growing. The kids have their favorites, and I have mine. Generally speaking, I love the toys that don’t have too many bells and whistles. I mean actual bells and whistles. I don’t mind a toy piano being banged upon now and then, but the ones that have tons of lights and sounds (usually those with an on/off switch) mostly drive me insane.

Here are some that my boys seem to love and don’t annoy the crap out of me too. Also included are a couple I wouldn’t mind trying!!

  • Battat Airplane 1 of 10
    Battat Airplane
    My neighbor has this and Shnook loves to take it apart and put it together every time he's over there.
  • Broom and Dust Pan 2 of 10
    Broom and Dust Pan
    This toy is so worth it. I only wish I bought it when my firstborn was fifteen months and took my broom from me every time I tried to sweep. My house would be much cleaner.
  • Classic Corn Popper 3 of 10
    Classic Corn Popper
    This is a classic. I kinda like the noise. Reminds me of childhood.
  • Umbrella Doll Stroller 4 of 10
    Umbrella Doll Stroller
    Best money I ever spent on a toy. Endless hours of entertainment.
  • ToySmith Kids Big Tool Set 5 of 10
    ToySmith Kids Big Tool Set
    We have these in Vermont. Much like the broom/dustpan combo, it's great for your toddler to have his/her own set of tools. Plus they work really well for grown-ups, too.
  • Melissa & Doug Stacking Train 6 of 10
    Melissa & Doug Stacking Train
    This has been a household favorite. So simple, yet so much fun. Endless combinations of blocks on the trains!
  • Sweet Pea Doll 7 of 10
    Sweet Pea Doll
    This is one we don't have, but I think it's so cute!
  • Step2 Waterwheel Activity Play Table 8 of 10
    Step2 Waterwheel Activity Play Table
    This table was a life-saver this summer. I'm TOTALLY buying another one for our house in L.A. The boys could play with this for hours. Just make sure they're either naked beforehand or prepare for complete outfit changes afterward.
  • Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box 9 of 10
    Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box
    Who thought of this toy? You're a genius. Melissa? Doug?
  • PlasmaCar 10 of 10
    We don't have this one either, but whenever we see one at friends' homes, we are all over it!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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