10 Parenting Hot Topics that Shouldn't Be Controversial

Unnecessary Arguing!

One thing I have learned in my short, four-plus years as a parent is that everyone is going to do things differently. It is just a fact of life.

Can you imagine how bland the world would be if we all did things exactly the same?

From parenting to our morals. Personal beliefs to the hobbies we love. As a parent, one of the lessons I want my children to learn as they grow is to celebrate the diversity around us — to tolerate the differences that make the world so grand.

Instead as parents, many of us are arguing over what works best in our households, and what we think is the key to being the perfect parent — something that simply doesn’t exist.

No one and nothing in life is perfect. As a parent, once you accept that fact, you are on the highway to success.

Put away the books and blogs on parenting. Pack up the mom wars and just parent the way that works best for your family. Simple enough, right?

Hey, a mom can wish! At least I hope by the time my own children have kids of their own, all these petty wars are over!

I asked some of my readers what they think are the most hot button issues when it comes to the parenting wars, and these are some of their replies mixed with the typical ones I always think of!


  • Breastfeeding 1 of 10
    You are damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Do whatever you feel is right for your child. If you can't breastfeed for whatever reason, it isn't the end of the world. I promise, I was there with my middle son. As long as you are taking care of your baby, you are a great parent!
  • Co-Sleeping 2 of 10
    While the picture I used here with my husband and boys is staged, co-sleeping is a personal choice for a family. Whether you room-in, bed share or whatever. If it works for your family, more power to you! If you want your little one in a different room from day one, good for you. We are all different; do what works for you!
  • Spanking 3 of 10
    Spanking, one of the debates that goes back through generations.Some parents do it, some don't. Some use time outs, some don't. Do what works for your kids... it isn't rocket science!
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  • Cry It Out 4 of 10
    Cry It Out
    Some people don't think of it as an issue, and some assume letting children cry it out is a form of child abuse. When it comes down to it, if crying it out is going to help your kid sleep, good for you. If you don't like listening to your kid cry, then don't! Pretty simple right? We all need sleep at some point in time. How ever we get our kid hunkered down for bed is up to us.
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  • Money & Parenting 5 of 10
    Money & Parenting
    Do you think spending more money on your children is going to make you a better parent? Buying your kids the best of everything or skipping the hand me downs? Some parents actually do think this! If buying everything new for your children makes you happy - awesome! If the thrift store is your second home - even better! Do what works for your family!
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  • Stay-at-Home Vs. Working Mothers 6 of 10
    Stay-at-Home Vs. Working Mothers
    This I find to be one of the silliest arguments out there. It would be awesome if all moms could be able to afford the choice they want. Some love work, some hate going back after having a baby, but whatever moms want to do they should be able to. Without having to worry about others calling her neglectful or trying to put her choice down. Different strokes folks!
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  • Vaccines 7 of 10
    Another end of the world topic. Vaccines! Do you vaccinate? Do you delay vaccinations? Do you skip them altogether? Who cares! Some people feel strongly on the subject, some are against religious beliefs. It is life!
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  • Car Seat Safety 8 of 10
    Car Seat Safety
    Some people are passionate about keeping their children rear facing as long as they can. Some want to turn them around as soon as it is legal. Their child, their responsibility! If they ask for your advice, give it. If they don't, keep it to yourself!
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  • Toddler Leashes 9 of 10
    Toddler Leashes
    Every use a harness on your child? Some may say that is just lazy parenting. Others think it is one of the best inventions since sliced bread! No matter what, if it works for you... you don't owe anyone an explanation!
    See what parents have to say about the "Leash" debate!
  • Dietary Choices 10 of 10
    Dietary Choices
    Junk food... too many kids are having it too much today. But there are also some parents who think if you give your kid a snack size bag of chips here and there, or a happy meal occasionally it is the end of the world! The key to everything is moderation. And of course minding your own kids!
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