10 Parents Share the Weirdest Things Their Toddlers Eat

We’ve all heard the stories about picky eating and toddlers. I happen to have one of those kids who has a short list of things he will eat (and man, will he eat them!) and a long list of things that cause a nuclear meltdown if I put them even near his plate. By now my husband and I know well that if we want a peaceful meal, we just serve up ham and green beans and strawberries and rice. Homeboy will gobble it up and ask for seconds. If we’re feeling feisty that night, we might put potatoes on his plate and require that he at least try them, knowing there are going to be tears.

But most of Harrison’s tastes are predictable for toddlers. He likes chicken, french fries, applesauce, grapes, corn, and cheese. He’d rather starve than eat peas or oranges or plain beans. He adores cookies and gummy snacks and ice cream. Pretty typical toddler stuff.

But then I asked my friends on Facebook if their kids had anything “weird” that they liked to eat. You know, like that random kid who will scarf down escargot and spinach. Some of their answers on the weird things their toddlers eat made me actually gag as I wrote this, and one is laugh-out-loud funny:

  • 10 Parents Share the Weirdest Things Their Toddlers Eat 1 of 11

    It's not just chicken nuggets and macaroni...

  • A fishy sense of taste 2 of 11

    "Owen's favorite is clams."  - My friend Anna

    This one shocked me because clams?! It's such an adult dish to me!

  • Is it the floor cleaner or the toddler? 3 of 11

    "Limes and lemons. (They) love them so I have to constantly inform family members of the whole citrus/tooth enamel situation because they love to indulge them ..." - My friend Ashleigh

  • You won’t catch bees that way 4 of 11

    "She LOVES balsamic vinegar. Like would drink it straight loves it. (She has.)" - My friend Megan

    I mean ... I like it on bread. With olive oil and pepper. Yumm ... bread.

  • Your toddler is dating 5 of 11

    "Date? Date? I want date?" is what Johanna hears on repeat from her son.

    What is a date anyway? My only reference is the time Amelia Bedelia cut up a calendar to put in a cake.

  • Olive you? 6 of 11

    "Emma loves olives ... plates of them ... by themselves." - My friend Mary

    This made me gag. I HATE OLIVES.

  • Well, that is cheesy 7 of 11

    While my son doesn't really eat anything odd, my little sister used to ONLY eat plates of cottage cheese. Nothing on it, nothing in it, and certainly nothing else! Sometimes I wonder how she got any nutrition in those days.

  • A mature pallet 8 of 11

    "My oldest asked for crab cake stuffed mushrooms in her lunchbox when she was 2 and 3!" - My friend Ginger

  • The dog’s water 9 of 11

    "His love of water from the dog bowl. [He] refuses to drink water from a cup. I do not allow lapping water, but I always catch him on all fours lapping it up with the dogs!" - My friend Kate

  • Ketchup. By the spoonful. 10 of 11

    According to my friend Kate, her two-year-old only eats ketchup in bulk. That deserves a #gag hashtag.

  • Birthday dinner 11 of 11

    "When given [the] option of ANYTHING for his birthday dinner? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And artichokes. His happy place." - Jeanett

Does your toddler eat anything weird?  Share on the Happy Family Facebook page so we can read your funny stories!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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