10 Most Annoying Pet Peeves of Toddlers

angry toddler
It drives me crazy!!!

We’ve all got our thing. I can’t stand it when my husband leaves his socks on the floor in the living room when the laundry basket is only 15 feet away. I also dislike it when grown-ups chew with their mouths open. Nose-picking, passive-aggressive people, and people who cut the line at the bank also make my own list of pet peeves.

But toddlers? They have their own list. Their list is long and specific and if they could communicate just a little better, they’d tell you just what bugs them, if they haven’t told you already.

Here are 10 Toddler Pet Peeves supported by a slideshow of the cutest annoyed toddlers on the internet.

  • Sleeping 1 of 10
    Seriously? You Expect ME to sleep?
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Eating Vegetables 2 of 10
    Eating Vegetables
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Parents That Won’t Get Out Of Bed In The Morning 3 of 10
    Parents That Won't Get Out Of Bed In The Morning
    Seize the day, old folks!! Let's get a move on!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Adult Sarcasm 4 of 10
    Adult Sarcasm
    Clean up that mess!
    But you said it was "GREAT!"
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Conspiracy of Inanimate Objects 5 of 10
    Conspiracy of Inanimate Objects
    Why won't this thing work the way I want it to work?!?
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Wiping My Face 6 of 10
    Wiping My Face
    Don't even think about it, okay?
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Unsolicited Help 7 of 10
    Unsolicited Help
    I can do it all by myself
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Doing Things Out Of Order 8 of 10
    Doing Things Out Of Order
    This is highly confusing!! Yesterday you put my pants on first, today you put my shirt on first. Which IS IT, Daddy?
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Wiping My Nose 9 of 10
    Wiping My Nose
    Who cares if it's running. Don't do it. I hate it.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Child-Proof cabinets 10 of 10
    Child-Proof cabinets
    My whole day is in this cabinet under the sink. And now you've ruined it by locking it up.
    Photo Credit: Flickr


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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