10 Photos That Give You a Peek into the Lives of Sisters

Now that I’ve found out I am expecting a little boy  this winter, I’ve started to look at my girls’ relationship in a different way. The bond that they have is undeniable and I am so curious as to how they will react when a little guy comes into our lives.

Watching their relationship more closely has been so much fun. Rather than getting involved in their daily arguments or play time, I’ve chosen just to stand back and watch. Now that Avery is a little bit older and is speaking more, their relationship has gotten much stronger. They sit and have little conversations together and talk about things only sisters would discuss. It’s by far one of the cutest things to watch from the outside.

Since I’ve taken a step back and let their relationship grow on its own, I’ve also caught some really great times they’ve had together on camera. Take a look at some of my favorite candid moments between Harlan and Avery!

  • Take a Peek Inside 1 of 11
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    Take a look at some candid photos of the loving sisterly relationship between my girls. 

  • Cuddled Together 2 of 11

    Sometimes these girls want to be as close together as they possibly can. I love finding them cuddled up together without me even having to help. I caught them in this chair watching television one morning while I was getting breakfast ready. I nearly started crying from the cuteness. 

  • Not Listening 3 of 11

    Sometimes I try to get the perfect shot of both girls posed and looking at the camera. On this particular rainy day, they had no intentions of listening to me and seemed like they had teamed up to not listen to me at the same time. Either way, I got a "perfect" show of them both in their "not listening" element. 

  • Plane Buddies 4 of 11

    I was flying alone with both girls and was very nervous as to how they would do for me on the flight. I was so impressed with Harlan stepping up and helping me with Avery, who wanted to run around the entire plane. Harlan is such a great big sister to her little sis. 

  • Who’s the Baby? 5 of 11

    The girls have a fascination with playing baby and mommy. Usually Avery is the baby and Harlan is the mommy. They have so much fun playing pretend and Avery likes when Harlan caters to her like a little baby. It must be all the extra attention!

  • Makeup time 6 of 11

    The girls found some of my makeup and snuck into their room to put it on while I was cooking dinner. They came to find me with these huge grins on their faces. They thought it was the funniest thing ever. 

  • Horseback Riding 7 of 11

    Harlan was on this horse all by herself and Avery started to whine because she wanted to get on too. I think they had much more fun together than they would have on their own. 

  • Bear Hug 8 of 11

    Believe it or not, this is a big sister bear hug that they are both enjoying. 

  • Pool Time 9 of 11

    We visited my in-laws during the last few weeks of summer and got a true taste of what suburban life is all about. Every morning I'd take the girls to their neighborhood pool and we'd have it all to ourselves. It was so fun to watch them together in a new environment that city kids don't always get to experience. 

  • Pure Love 10 of 11

    I told Avery that I wanted to get a photo of her and Harlan came running in because she said she had to have a good picture with her sister. I am so blessed and grateful that they love being around each other so much. 

  • Biggest Consoler 11 of 11

    Avery is still unsure of the grass (she's definitely a city girl) and started crying when I put her down on the ground. Immediately, Harlan ran over to her to make sure she was okay and to comfort her. Within a minute, Harlan had her laughing and running around. 

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