10 Potty-time Distractions for Your Toddler

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Potty-training is fun times, right? Not. We all want to figure out the “hook” of what will get our kid to abandon diapers forever. It’s a very stressful period for parents. During this time, you could be spending hours in the bathroom:  sitting, waiting, hoping, praying, coaxing, begging, and bargaining with your toddler to go.

One thing that helped us greatly in training our oldest was by bribing him with YouTube videos. He could sit there endlessly watching steam trains, boat launches, and airplanes taking off and landing. It worked for us, but of course, there were consequences. Now every time he has to go he calls out, “VIDEOS!!”

I finally got him to try a few new things on the potty. It’s good to have a variety of tools at your disposal (no pun intended).

Hey, we all do stuff on the toilet, don’t deny it! In fact I’m … never mind. TMI.

Check out these 10 potty-time distractions after the jump!

  • Play apps! 1 of 10
    Play apps!
    There are thousands of awesome apps for the toddler set for iPhone/iPad and Droid phones.
    Try Toddler Lock!
  • Watch something! 2 of 10
    Watch something!
    Whether it's Netflix, a DVD, or YouTube, there's something for everyone to watch on the potty.
    See Shnook's favorites
  • Draw on a Doodler! 3 of 10
    Draw on a Doodler!
    It's the modern day Etch-a-Sketch.
    Buy on Amazon, $23.49
  • Read — or have your toddler read 4 of 10
    Read — or have your toddler read
    We have a few books in the bathroom that he can "read" himself. From Head to Toe by Eric Carle is one of them.
    Buy it at Amazon, $7.99
  • Color 5 of 10
    If you can stand crayons in the bathroom, this coloring book looks super cool.
    Get it from Amazon, $13.59
  • Play a Game 6 of 10
    Play a Game
    "I Spy" is a fun game to play in the bathroom. It also gives you a good idea of the cleanliness ... or lackthereof.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Have a puppet show 7 of 10
    Have a puppet show
    Finger puppets are an easy way to have lots of characters. Who would ever think a giraffe and a fish would be so close?
    Get some from Ikea, $4.99 each
  • Sing! 8 of 10
    The toilet is a great place for singing. We sing everything from the ABCs to the M.T.A. song.
    This Elmo version of the ABCs is fun to sing
  • Play stickers 9 of 10
    Play stickers
    You can either get a formal book like this, or we just buy a blank book to decorate with random stickers (which is what we did!). It's better than finding them on the side of the toilet.
    Get it from Amazon, $5.99
  • Tell stories … 10 of 10
    Tell stories ...
    ... Of castles in faraway lands. And the like.
    or just tell stories of your childhood.
    Photo Credit: Flickr

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