10 Reasons I am Elated My Toddler is Starting "School"

So long kiddo!

Ben will be three in May, and after a lot of thought and discussion — we have decided to put him in school.

School as in an educational play led structured classroom with other two-year-olds from now until June when his oldest brother is done for the summer.

Does he really need it for educational value? Of course not, at least I don’t think he does at this early age… but my main concern is interaction with other children who are not his siblings — and of course it helps me to get more done since I have recently been drowning in work

It couldn’t come at a better time for my own sanity either. I think I am one toddler temper tantrum, or fit over something as stupid as changing the radio station, away from being institutionalize. SERIOUSLY!

When I first started thinking about the idea, and even brought it up to readers here I felt kind of bad, like I wanted to get rid of him for a couple hours a week until I realized that a lot of parents in my same position do the same exact thing!

  • My Household Chores Won’t Get Neglected 1 of 10
    My Household Chores Won't Get Neglected
    I will stop putting off my chores because I can't get them done with kids in tow, or I have a pile of time sensitive work sitting in my to-do list that needs to get done like... yesterday. Photo Credit: Flickr
  • I Will Be Able to Get to Sleep at a Normal Hour 2 of 10
    I Will Be Able to Get to Sleep at a Normal Hour
    Do you know what time I get to bed each night?
    WAY later than the average person. I have learned to survive on 4-5 hours of sleep a night, because I am up late doing work, writing blogs, and just doing everything I can't get done when I have a flock of kids under my feet. Photo Credit: Flickr
  • He Will Learn Better Social Skills 3 of 10
    He Will Learn Better Social Skills
    I am most excited Ben will be able to learn how to interact with other children better.
    He has only really been forced to socialize with his big brother, which sometimes turns into a huge fight.
    He needs to clearly learn how to share, not argue, you know... all the lovely things most toddlers cannot learn from their own siblings.
  • He Feels Left Out! 4 of 10
    He Feels Left Out!
    He has been extremely jealous of his older brother since he started school in the fall.
    Drop off and pick up time at school, when I have Ben with me has turned into total chaos. Especially if I have to bring him inside to Camden's classroom.
    It is understandable, I would feel left out if I was him too!
  • I’m Off the Lunch Hook! 5 of 10
    I'm Off the Lunch Hook!
    I am so off the lunch hook now!
    Well at least on the days he is at school.
    Of course I am going to have to pack him up a lunch the night before, but that doesn't seem like as bad of a chore as having to do it the day of...
    And then off course cleaning up the giant mess he makes when he decides to walk through the house with a sandwich. Photo Credit: Flickr
  • No More Worrying About His Development 6 of 10
    No More Worrying About His Development
    Ben was in therapy for developmental delays during the summer of 2010, and it lasted through the winter of the same year.
    He never crawled properly, he was behind on sitting up and walking, and I am always worrying he is going to fall behind.
    I figure now by actually staying on top of it, and having teachers and professionals involved, if he does start to slip backwards again we will be a step ahead. Photo Credit: Flickr
  • It Will Save My Sanity! 7 of 10
    It Will Save My Sanity!
    I cannot tell you how many times since Addison was born I feel like my next step is setting up shop in some kind of insane asylum.
    Just 12 hours a week is going to be a huge breath of fresh air.
    I know it is going to save my sanity. Either that or I have really high hopes! Photo Credit: Flickr
  • More One-on-One Time for Addison 8 of 10
    More One-on-One Time for Addison
    It may sound horrible, but it will give me more one-on-one time with my daughter.
    If you haven't read on Baby's First Year, our little girl was recently fitted for a helmet, and will soon be in physical therapy for a muscle issue in her neck.
    If it doesn't give me simple one-on-one time, it is going to be helpful for the doctors appointments we are going to have to be making!
  • I HOPE it Will Help with his Separation Anxiety 9 of 10
    I HOPE it Will Help with his Separation Anxiety
    I am praying that this will help Benjamin with his separation anxiety when I leave him alone with someone.
    For a while Ben would stay with my cousin as a babysitter, but now he even gives me problems when I leave him with my mother who is like his BFF!
    I am hoping this will help him to be more comfortable with other caregivers!
  • Two out of Three of My Kids Will be on the Same Schedule! 10 of 10
    Two out of Three of My Kids Will be on the Same Schedule!
    Both of the boys will be on the same schedule finally.
    It will not longer be three children with three different schedules!
    I HOPE!

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