10 Reasons I am Glad My Little Girl Has Big Brothers

Siblings in general are a really special blessing. I have been gifted to have my own siblings which meant the world to me as a child.

When I had my oldest son I knew I didn’t want him to be an only child. While I didn’t think my family would expand as quickly as it did, I am so grateful to have three children all close in age.

What I cherish the most is that my daughter who is the baby of the family, has two big brothers to watch over her. I think the gift of a big brother really is priceless.

I started thinking about all the reasons I am really happy Addison has big brothers, and came up with some really heartfelt thoughts about the topic as a whole.

Does your little girl have older brothers? Or an older sibling in general?
Comment below and share why you are grateful for their sibling relationship!


  • They Love Her 1 of 10
    They Love Her
    When you see them interact, you can see the genuine love they have for their sister. It is really a priceless bond they share. One of the most precious gifts they can ever give her is unconditional love.
  • They Teach Her Inappropriate Stuff 2 of 10
    They Teach Her Inappropriate Stuff
    Like it or not, one of the best parts of having a big brother is the crap they teach you. They will teach her all kinds of stuff I never want her to know, or strive to hide from her as long as I can. In her eyes, they will be so cool for breaking the rules.
  • They Protect Her 3 of 10
    They Protect Her
    They protect her now, and will continue to. I am sure much of their high school years will consist of threatening any boy who is within a 50 foot radius of her. And to be honest, I am kind of ok with that!
  • She Will Teach Them How to Treat a Girl 4 of 10
    She Will Teach Them How to Treat a Girl
    It seems like the way to treat a girl is a foreign concept to many boys these days. I can only hope through good parenting and of course a baby sister, our sons will grow to know the right way to teach a girl.
  • They Will Learn the Difference in Bond Between Brothers and Sisters 5 of 10
    They Will Learn the Difference in Bond Between Brothers and Sisters
    The relationship a brother has with a sister, and with a brother is completely different. It will be an interesting lesson for the boys to see the big difference the relationships will share.
  • She’ll Grow Up to Learn Loyalty 6 of 10
    She'll Grow Up to Learn Loyalty
    The bond between siblings can really be described as a very strong sense of loyalty. At least for the most part. Which is such an important lesson I want for all of the children.
  • They’ll Spoil Her 7 of 10
    They'll Spoil Her
    Spoil her? Of course! Heck they already do!
  • They Will Teach Her 8 of 10
    They Will Teach Her
    Growing up, there was nothing better than when one of my siblings would take the time to read me a book or do homework with me. Especially my own sister, who helped me through all of my education. I hope the boys will be a strong support for her in learning. Reading to her as they grow, and just teaching her all the stuff older siblings can teach the younger.
  • She’ll Learn to be a Tom Boy 9 of 10
    She'll Learn to be a Tom Boy
    One of the best parts of my childhood was being a tom boy. Going out and playing with all the boys, building forts in the woods, playing "war" in the neighborhood. I was the definition of a tom boy. I hope her brothers will teach her to love all the same things they do, and not be afraid to get dirty!
  • I Hope They Will be a Shoulder to Cry On 10 of 10
    I Hope They Will be a Shoulder to Cry On
    Last... I can only hope that her big brothers will be a shoulder to cry on in life. While she will always have her parents, there is a different kind of comfort in having that person to have a good cry with. I hope they will all have that important support.

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