10 Reasons I am Scared to Have Two Kids

Over on Being Pregnant, I am talking about the wonderful things I hope my new baby girl learns from her big sister.

But here, I’d like to be incredibly honest and discuss all the things that are currently terrifying me about being a parent to both a newborn and toddler. Or should I say, a newborn and an incredibly adorable yet very challenging toddler.

I’m 32 weeks and I still don’t feel ready for the transition. I know my husband and I didn’t feel prepared for Mazzy when she came either, but this time, I know what I am in for and it is SCARY.

Here is a short list of the things that keep me up at night:

  • 1) Lack of Time 1 of 10
    1) Lack of Time
    What with Mazzy, Mike, work, blogging, errands, etc. I already seem to have my hands full at all times— how will I ever find time to fit in a whole other child?
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  • 2) Lack of Sleep 2 of 10
    2) Lack of Sleep
    Even though it was only two years ago that we were getting by on very little sleep, it seems like a lifetime. I honestly can't imagine doing that again. It was hard enough existing on no sleep when I had a baby, but how the hell do people do it while taking care of a very active toddler??
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  • 3) Rocking Mazzy’s World 3 of 10
    3) Rocking Mazzy's World
    I know giving Mazzy a playmate is one of the best gifts I can possibly give, but sometimes I feel sad that Mazzy will be a little less special. She's won't be our only child anymore. The world will no longer revolve around her. And she has no idea it's coming.
  • 4) No Breaks 4 of 10
    4) No Breaks
    Right now, my husband I can easily hand off Mazzy to the other and take a little break. Someone can go the gym, someone can run to the grocery store, someone can even take a nap if they absolutely have to. Once the new baby arrives, there will be no more breaks. You either are taking care of one kid or the other, rarely yourself.
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  • 5) Less Alone Time with My Husband 5 of 10
    5) Less Alone Time with My Husband
    Speaking of my husband, it seems like with two kids there will be even less time to dedicate to one another. Right now we have nap time (although that seems to be on it's way out) and nighttime. But if the kids don't nap at once and the baby is up half the night and Mazzy is up as a result, when exactly do we have any alone time?
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  • 6) Less Chance of a Vacation or Night Out 6 of 10
    6) Less Chance of a Vacation or Night Out
    You'd think one option for alone time would be going on a date night or taking a short vacation from the kids. That is certainly an option with one. Mazzy loves staying at Grammy's house for the weekend and we have no problem sticking her with a sitter for an evening. However, a sitter for two kids is exponentially more expensive and there is no way we could leave my mother with two children to take care of for a few days. It is just too much work. Therefore, I don't think we'll be doing any traveling for awhile. At least, not by ourselves.
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  • 7) More Difficulties with Transportation 7 of 10
    7) More Difficulties with Transportation
    We still have not figured out how we are going to transport the children on the city sidewalks of New York. Double strollers are a spectacle and can barely make it through most doors in Manhattan. Mazzy hates the stroller but can't be trusted to walk herself (she's a runner), and if I've got a baby in a carriage, then I can't exactly ditch it on the street to run after her.
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  • 8) Going Anywhere with Two Kids by Myself 8 of 10
    8) Going Anywhere with Two Kids by Myself
    I can't imagine going to park with two kids by myself. Mazzy is still at the stage where she needs to be watched like a hawk. If she sees an open gate, she will leave the premises without looking back. She'll climb to the highest point on a jungle gym before realizing she has no idea how to get down. She will walk up to stick-swinging 11-year-old boys and beg to play with them. And when it's time to go home, I have to chase her down and practically force her back in the stroller. I have no idea how you do any of this while also watching a newborn.
  • 9) Maybe We Have No Idea What a Difficult Child is Really Like… 9 of 10
    9) Maybe We Have No Idea What a Difficult Child is Really Like...
    As difficult as Mazzy is, there are plenty of common parental complaints that we seem to have avoided. Mazzy has always been very aware of her surroundings and very tough. So she doesn't get hurt easily and if she does, it is rarely a huge ordeal. She's not a big fan of getting dirty, so she's never done anything like stick her hand in her diaper or smash a cupcake all over her face. She was also an early talker so we never really had any communication problems. I'm afraid we will learn we've actually been incredibly lucky and didn't know the real meaning of a difficult child.
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  • 10) What Will Happen to my Blog? 10 of 10
    10) What Will Happen to my Blog?
    Blogging has been my hobby, my creative outlet, my method of preserving my sanity, my doorway into a likeminded community of parents. I really hope that I can still find the time to keep it up. As hard as it is to imagine my life with two kids, it's equally as hard to imagine my life without my blog.

If you have any words of wisdom for a scared parent about to have their second kid, I am all ears!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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