10 Reasons I Want to Go Back to Work

Working outside of the home.

It is something that I haven’t done since my oldest son was just a couple of months old. I went back to work, working nights for a while until I realized I actually needed to sleep at some point in time.

Two years ago I started working from home, and I have loved every minute of being a freelance blogger. But now, I have gotten to a crossroads in my own life where I feel the need to leave the home and go back to work.

Just in time for an amazing opportunity to unfold as well.

But I have to say, I put a ton of thought back into this over the past two months. It’s what I needed to really consider working full-time again.

It isn’t a decision that I take lightly because I am not going to stop what I am doing from home. It will really double the work load I already have, plus my three kids and household chores. Not to mention my own social life!

I am extremely thankful for a supportive family, especially my mother, who I have asked to be my in-home childcare if I do score this awesome position. (Pray for me y’all!)


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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