10 Reasons Why My Toddler’s Suitcase Is Bigger Than Mine

Right now I am almost halfway into a trip that sounded like absolute madness when we planned it — two weeks traveling with a toddler, to two different locations. But as is usually this case, it’s actually going much better than anticipated. We’re down south visiting family this week and next, which meant we had to do a lot of prepping and planning ahead of time.

We have traveled with Cullen a lot in his short seventeen months. I think he’s been on something like ten or eleven roundtrip flights already – it’s nuts. And each time we get a bit more efficient and the process gets a bit more smooth. But no matter how seasoned we get, one thing never seems to change. Cullen travels with an unbelievable amount of stuff.

Of course, the needs change depending on where we are going. For this particular trip, we’ll be spending one week at a rental house on Hilton Head Island. So unlike when we visit family, we need to essentially bring everything ourselves. Despite needing all my grown up things like toiletries, a hair dryer, and various styles and colors of shoes, Cullen’s suitcase still seems to be bigger and heavier than mine.

Here are ten reasons why!

  • So much stuff… 1 of 11
    So much stuff...
    And so little time!
  • Toys 2 of 11
    My in-laws brought quite a few of these toys from their place, but we also needed to bring some of our own. We'll be in Hilton Head next week with no toys available, and we needed some small distractions for the plane. I always try to pack the smallest toys that will make the biggest impact - stacking cups, balls, cars, and other things with multiple uses.
  • Booster seat 3 of 11
    Booster seat
    Cullen isn't quite ready for a big boy chair, and it's not realistic to travel with a high chair. So I got this lightweight inflatable booster seat which is perfect for air travel. Light as it is, it definitely adds a few extra pounds to the suitcase!
  • Snacks 4 of 11
    Most of the time we travel, I try to research and plan in advance to know which grocery stores we'll have available when we get to our destination. But many times I have to pack a lot to make sure we have some good options on hand. And while healthy food is obviously important, these pouches are HEAVY! Definitely adding some major bulk to the suitcase.
  • Emergency supplies 5 of 11
    Emergency supplies
    There is nothing worse than a sick baby, other than a sick baby on vacation. The last thing I want to deal with if Cullen is sick on vacation is suddenly needing to run to the store for a bunch of supplies. I always pack our baby Motrin, thermometer, and nail clippers for those extra sharp talons.
  • Bedding and blankets 6 of 11
    Bedding and blankets
    A lot of our travel these days is to visit family, so Cullen is lucky enough to usually have a crib or pack n play to sleep in. But he's sort of notorious for leaking at night, so I always pack our own sheets so we aren't making a mess of someone else's bedding. He also has to sleep with two soft swaddle blankets, and two soft lovey blankets. Ridiculous!
  • Feeding and eating supplies 7 of 11
    Feeding and eating supplies
    Of all Cullen's extra accessories, his eating supplies probably take up the most space. I usually pack a snack cup, placemat, a few bibs, some toddler silverware, and a little segmented dish to make meals easy.
  • Board books 8 of 11
    Board books
    Cullen is really into books right now, and they serve as some of his best distractions and sources of entertainment. But man, they are HEAVY! I usually pack a few favorites in my carry-on for the plane ride, and I stuff a few extras in the carseat before I check it at the ticket counter.
  • Baby monitor 9 of 11
    Baby monitor
    We always take our video monitor when we travel, so that we can relax and spread out once Cullen has gone to bed. Depending on where we are, we often sleep in a different room as Cullen, so it's nice to know we have it on hand to hear him if he needs us. But it's definitely a heavy addition to the suitcase!
  • Cups and water bottles 10 of 11
    Cups and water bottles
    I usually take one cup and one thermos bottle when we travel. Cullen likes to use one for milk, and the other for water. But the thermos bottle is stainless steel, and it's definitely heavier than your average simple sippy cup!
  • Tons and tons of clothes 11 of 11
    Tons and tons of clothes
    Of course we all have to pack clothes - that is expected. But when I'm just packing for myself, I don't have to plan for potentially pooping myself overnight (let's hope not!), smearing my dinner across my shirt every night, and requiring at least two full outfits each day. If we're going somewhere without access to laundry, the amount of clothes needed doubles.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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