10 Reasons to Embrace the Toddler Years

And with the blink of an eye, Avery is officially a toddler. She’s 18 months old tomorrow and has fully outgrown the baby stage. As much as I love the baby stage, I have to admit that I really love the toddler years.

This is the time that their personality starts to emerge and you get a sense of who they are. I feel like I am a bit more relaxed with a toddler running around. Although her milestones aren’t as frequent as when she was a baby, I find myself watching her more as a toddler. Her little personality is just so interesting to me that I could watch for hours.

If there’s anything that I’ve learned about being a parent, it’s that time passes far too quickly. And with that, I am learning to embrace every single second.

Here are 10 reasons why we should all embrace the toddler years.

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    Click through for 10 reasons why I love the toddler years and why I am taking in every single moment. 

  • They Laugh at Your Jokes 2 of 11

    They might not get exactly what you are saying, but at least they make you feel better by laughing. I'll tell Avery something funny and she will immediately start laughing. I don't know if it is at me or with me, but I am always going to assume the latter. For now, at least. 

  • They Know Just How to Make You Laugh 3 of 11

    Having a bad day? Just go to your toddler to lift up your spirits. Whether it's a funny face or something quirky they said, toddlers know exactly what to do to make you happy and laugh. 

  • They Listen to You 4 of 11

    Okay, so she doesn't listen to me all the time, but now that she understands me, she listens to me most of the time. Although I can't fully have a conversation with her, I can tell her something and she gets it. No more blank stares when I talk to her now it's someone talking back to me. 

  • They are Fearless 5 of 11

    I envy a toddler's fearless attitude. She's not scared of anything. In some ways this can get her into trouble, but for the most part it encourages her to try and experience new things. 

  • They Don’t Need You for Entertainment 6 of 11

    I love knowing that I can leave Avery in her room for a little while and she can entertain herself. It makes getting things done so much easier. I think it's good for her to spend some time without me and she actually enjoys it. 

  • They Talk to You 7 of 11

    Avery loves to tell you all of the things that she sees or is learning. She will yell, "Mama!" from another room just to show me the bird outside our window. I love that she can actually talk and communicate with me rather than just guessing her wants and needs. 

  • They Know Exactly How to Show Love and Affection 8 of 11

    Oh the love that toddlers show is unlike any other. Avery comes up to me and will give me a hug and kiss for no reason. She loves to show love. One of my favorite things to watch is when she gives her sister love and affection. It's the best feeling in the world knowing just how much they love each other and aren't afraid to show it. 

  • The Pretend Play 9 of 11

    Now playtime has a little more meaning than it used to. Avery loves to play pretend. She will take her baby doll and take it for a ride in the stroller. She loves to "cook" me dinner in her pretend kitchen and relishes with joy as she watches me taste the fruits of her labor. I love that her imagination is becoming endless! 

  • They Will Help When You Ask 10 of 11

    If I ask Avery to help me pick up her toys or to go get me a diaper, she just goes and does it. She actually enjoys helping me. I know that this won't last for long, so I am taking full advantage of it now! 

  • They Sleep Through the Night 11 of 11

    Avery has always been a really good sleeper (believe me, I know how blessed I am), but now that she's older I ask her if she is ready for bed and she nods her head. I'll take her to her crib and she immediately goes to sleep. No fussing or fighting me on it. It's glorious. Even if she wakes up early in the morning, she will entertain herself in her crib before I come in and get her. I have a four year old who is not quite as easy to put to bed anymore, so I am counting my blessings on how easy it is for now! 

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