10 Reasons Why Toddler Clothes Are Better Than Baby Clothes

Mini fleece bathrobe? Enough said.

Right around Cullen’s first birthday, I realized we were in desperate need of new clothes. He was outgrowing everything he’d been wearing the past few months, and we had nothing new waiting in the closet. Lack of hand-me-downs is definitely one of the drawbacks of living so far from friends and family.

I headed to our usual shopping spots, and realized that Cullen seemed way too big for a lot of the clothes in the baby section. And I don’t just mean in size. Even though Baby Gap goes up to size 18-24 months, they still do the same styles and prints for all sizes. This means lots of little ducks, onesies with sweet cartoons, and zip up one-piece outfits. All gorgeous items for a wee one, but they seemed a little young for a one year old (that feels ridiculous to type).

I ventured over to the toddler section, and was thrilled to discover that toddler clothes start at 12 months! For some reason I had always breezed right through that part of the store, assuming those clothes were for big boys and likely didn’t have anything smaller than 2T. I was wrong! And I was happy to be wrong.

Baby clothes are adorable in their own right, but honestly – all those little guys really need are a onesie and some sweatpants. Putting a million layers and accessories on a baby just makes them stiff and overheated.

But the toddler years? That is a different story. Bring on the jackets, puffy vests, and rain boots! My bank account is wishing I had never discovered the joy that is toddler clothing.

Here are 10 (adorable) reasons why toddler clothes are more fun than baby clothes…

  • Giany fuzzy hats 1 of 10
    Giany fuzzy hats
    When Cullen was an infant, he had to wear those little baby beanies because anything else was too bulky. Now he can wear big ridiculous things like this trapper hat. I love it!
    Trapper hat found at Gap for $17.99!
  • Big bulky jackets 2 of 10
    Big bulky jackets
    Whenever I see big jackets for sale in sizes 0-3, I want to warn all new moms not to waste their money. Babies spend all their time bundled up in carseats or wraps, and there is no need for big bulky outwear. But now? Bring on the toggle coats!
    French Toggle Jacket found at Gap for $42.95!
  • Mini rain boots 3 of 10
    Mini rain boots
    Can you even stand it? Here in Seattle, rainboots are essential, and I can't wait to get a pair for Cullen.
    Rain Boots found at Gap for $34.95!
  • Mittens! 4 of 10
    It's almost impossible to find mittens for babies, but now that we're into toddler sizes, the possibilities are endless.
    Intarsia Frog Mittens found at Gap for $12.95!
  • Flannel pajama sets 5 of 10
    Flannel pajama sets
    All the baby pajamas are just one piece zip-ups, which are fine and practical, but not that exciting. Is there ANYTHING cuter than a little boy in old man pajamas?
    Similar Fleece PJ Set found at Gap for $25.99!
  • Tiny bathrobes 6 of 10
    Tiny bathrobes
    I kind of can't believe this is real. And while totally unnecessary, I really want one just for the fun of seeing Cullen run around in a little robe. Maybe it will go on sale...
    Striped Fleece Robe found at Gap for $39.95!
  • Lots of layers 7 of 10
    Lots of layers
    One thing that drives me crazy is seeing tiny babies dressed in a million layers and accessories. When they are first learning to move and stretch, they really seem most comfortable in a onesie and sweatpants. There is plenty of time to come for jackets, hoodies, and vests. Now we wear them all the time!
    Hooded Twill Utility Jacket found at Old Navy for $24.94!
  • Simple T-shirts 8 of 10
    Simple T-shirts
    Like I said, babies are really best in onesies. Regular shirts just ride up, expose that gorgeous baby belly, and they make it hard to carry a little one around. But for toddlers they are perfect. Easy to get on and off, and fun to mix and match!
    Striped Jersey Polo found at Old Navy for $9.50!
  • Two-piece pajama sets 9 of 10
    Two-piece pajama sets
    I was so excited when we could finally do two piece pajama sets. Cullen isn't a huge fan of being zipped up in a one piece anymore, and he looks insanely adorable in his pajama leggings. These are much easier for this age!
    Movie Monster pajamas found at Old Navy for $12!
  • Swim trunks 10 of 10
    Swim trunks
    Okay, babies can wear swim trunks too, but I couldn't resist talking about these. Seriously, is it summer yet?
    Whale Swim Trunks found at Old Navy for $12.94!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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