10 Retro Parenting Fails That Still Wouldn’t Cut it Today

Failing as a parent is a practice as old as humankind. Just ask Isaac to say some kind words about his dad Abraham. Ahem.

Some wounds heal with time. Others still sting, no matter how old they are.

Here are 10 vintage parenting fails that still wouldn’t pass muster if they were committed today:

  • Retro Parenting Fails 1 of 11
    Retro Parenting Fails
    No matter how long ago it was, it's still wrong.
  • Retro Fail #1 2 of 11
    Retro Fail #1
    Because wicker is up there with straw and paper in terms of its indestructibility.
  • Retro Fail #2 3 of 11
    Retro Fail #2
    And baby is a political tool.
  • Retro Fail #3 4 of 11
    Retro Fail #3
    Was the Genghis Khan costume not available?
  • Retro Fail #4 5 of 11
    Retro Fail #4
    Don't forget: The sidewalk is available for licking, too.
  • Retro Fail #5 6 of 11
    Retro Fail #5
    Is the naked child really helping sell the product?
  • Retro Fail #6 7 of 11
    Retro Fail #6
    Pay no attention to the frightening man in the hood and beard.
  • Retro Fail #7 8 of 11
    Retro Fail #7
    The stork is supposed to deliver children, not wound them.
  • Retro Fail #8 9 of 11
    Retro Fail #8
    Look ma! No seatbelt!
  • Retro Fail #9 10 of 11
    Retro Fail #9
    No matter the child's weight, that outfit is a crime.
  • Retro Fail #10 11 of 11
    Retro Fail #10
    What? No car seats?

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