10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

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For many people, the holidays mean that it’s time to travel “Over the river and through the woods…” a road tripping we go!

For anyone with young children, road tripping sounds kind of miserable. Whining, messy car eating, listening to the same annoying kids songs on repeat, and everyone going a little stir crazy… I’ll admit, it’s not quite as exciting as a day at Disneyland, BUT with a bit of forethought, you can make any road trip more enjoyable.

Recently, my family and I were invited to try out the 2014 Honda Odyssey for a weekand I just kept thinking how great it would be for road trips and how much more smoothly it would make things go! There are definitely certain vehicle features and items to bring along that can make road trips infinitely more enjoyable, and that might just help you arrive at your destination a little bit more relaxed. Here are 10 things I consider to be road trip must-haves.

Are there any items you would add to the list?

  • Snacks 1 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    I'm kind of paranoid about letting my kid eat snacks in the car. What if she choked while I was driving? I pretty much stick to these pureed fruit and veggie squeeze pouches for snacking on trips, since you can't really choke on a puree. They're a great option for toddlers who may still be lacking some teeth. If you're not a worry wart like me, then just be sure to bring along a variety of easy, on-the-go food options -- preferably the less crumbly kind! Snacks always make for much happier road trips.

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  • Cooler 2 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    Bringing along a small cooler is really useful for packing perishable food items on road trips. I always like to bring string cheese as a protein boost. Some vehicles, like the Honda Odyssey, have a built-in cool box, but if not, you could always find a small portable one like this.

  • Cup Holders 3 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    It's like a law of the universe that whenever we are on road trips, and eating/drinking on-the-go that there are never enough cup holders. We always end up fighting over who gets the last one, thus I have learned: you cup holders are a hot commodity and you can never have enough of them in a vehicle. I'm positive there are at least 11 and probably more in the 2014 Honda Odyssey. True story.

  • Wipes 4 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    If I had any talent at song writing whatsoever, I would write a love song to baby wipes, because they are just that amazing. You never know what kind of messes you're going to encounter while on a road trips, so wipes are a totally invaluable resource to have around. Because, let's face it -- I'm even messier than my kid sometimes.

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  • Trash Bags 5 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    Trash accumulates at an unprecedented speed when you're cooped up in the car for any amount of time, so unless you want to wade through a sea of trash as you exit your vehicle, a trash bin is key. The 2014 Honda Odyssey comes with a flip-up trash bag ring built in! So cool! But, you could also buy a small collapsible option like this

  • DVD Player 6 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    Do I even need to explain this one? DVD players are pretty much the best invention on the planet when it comes to a road trip and children. I'm seriously coveting the DVD set-up in the 2014 Honda Odyssey and the awesome wireless headphones that come with it. Now your kids can watch movies and you can have some peace and quiet. It really is a winning scenario for all parties. 

  • Audio Books 7 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    Watching DVDs is great, but sometimes you've gotta change things up a bit. Audio books are a great way to engage and entertain little ones while on road trips. We are fans of the Frances Audio Collection -- the adorable accents and songs are the cutest!

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  • Blankets and Pillows 8 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    Blankets and pillows always make sleeping in the car more enjoyable on road trips. A roll-up blanket like this could serve as both blanket and pillow in a pinch and the water resistant nylon backing makes it a great option for impromptu road trip picnics or road-side diaper changes.

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  • Activities 9 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    Having a variety of distractions to entertain your child while traveling is key to a successful road trip. Coloring books, stickers (if you think your little will abstain from sticking them all over the windows) and quiet books are all good options. We also loves these Water Wow books for trips. The water pen makes no mess and the coloring pages are reusable. Brilliant!

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  • Travel Tray 10 of 10
    10 Road Trip Travel Must-Haves

    What good are all those clever distractions you packed if your child doesn't have a surface to use them on? These strap on travel trays are brilliant! I'm definitely investing in one before our next road trip.

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