10 Signs the Terrible 2s Are Attacking My Toddler

I recently wrote a post talking about how awesome my 3-year-old was.  Over the last few months since Izaiah has turned 3, he’s been like a new kid.  While Izaiah has always had a bit of a crazy streak in him, 3 has totally calmed him down. Now let’s talk about our youngest child, Zeke.

Zeke is now 22 months and while the last few months have been nice and calm… Zeke has determined that he no longer wants to be known as the angel. While still a few months shy of 2, Zeke is slowly taking on the role of a terrible 2-year-old toddler.


  • He’s Turning 2 1 of 11
    10 signs the terrible 2's are approaching

    10 signs my toddler is turning 2!

  • Screaming 2 of 11

    Zeke's new way to communicate is screaming. 

  • Testing Boundaries 3 of 11

    Boundaries? What's that. Tell him not to do something, guess what he will do.

  • Throwing Everything 4 of 11

    The boy has a good arm, which would be great if he was a pitcher or a quarterback and didn't aim for him mom's head.

  • Temper Tantrum 5 of 11

    As awful as temper tantrums are, it's quite hilarious watching Zeke fall into a tantrum.  He falls to the ground and thinks about what he should do, 30 seconds later he kicks and then screams. 

  • Independence 6 of 11

    Gotta love the "I don't need your help, I can do it myself" attitude. If only this would rub off on our tweens.

  • Running Away 7 of 11

    All of a sudden, I am the enemy. Rather than running to me - it's always like I am chasing him. 

  • Hitting and Kicking 8 of 11

    He has hands and feet and isn't afraid to use them. 

  • Impatient 9 of 11

    Patience, yeah about that - he now has none. 

  • No More Cuddles 10 of 11

    This boy was the epic cuddler... keyword.... WAS. BOO!!

  • Turning Door Knobs 11 of 11

    Our doors have a new accessory. The boy has learned to turn door handles which has already resulted in him running out the front door. 


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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