10 Things a Toddler Can Teach You About Life

I used to think that as I raised my children, I was their teacher and that it was up to me to teach them everything that I knew about life. It was up to me to set the example. While all of that is still true, what I didn’t realize was that my children are teaching me lessons about life too. Maybe even more than I am teaching them.

When I sit back and watch Avery, I am always envious at how she just flows through life without a care in the world. It’s that true sense of the moment that she always wants to embrace. Of course, toddlers don’t have the same responsibilities that we do as adults, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take some of the same approaches they do.

Take a look at some of the things that a toddler does that could be a good life lesson for all of us!

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  • Every Once in a While You Need to Let Out a Scream 2 of 11

    Avery is in a huge screaming stage right now. She thinks it's absolutely hilarious to let out a good scream. I think it's funny the first time, but after a few rounds I want to rip off my ears. After she is finished screaming, she seems to be in the happiest mood. It's like she's let out all of her frustration on those few high pitched squeals. There are definitely times, especially with two little ones around, that I'd like to let out a scream. But I never do. I've seen how much pleasure it gives Avery and think that maybe sometime when I just want to scream, I do it. Let it all out.

  • Waking Up Early In the Morning is Sometimes Very Beneficial 3 of 11

    We know all too well just how early a toddler wakes up. They are always happy and cheery and never seem to be the least bit tired, no matter how early it is. Rather than sulking and wishing we could just have 20 more minutes of sleep, let's approach the day like a toddler does. Smile, laugh, and be optimistic about the day. You will be amazed with just how much you can get done in those wee hours of the morning. 

  • It’s Okay to Cry 4 of 11

    As adults, it's okay to admit that sometimes we get our feelings hurt. There are times when we just want to let it out and cry, but we don't because we don't think we can. Avery gets her feelings hurt all of the time. Granted it's because I won't give her the toy she wants or her sister took something from her, but regardless, her feelings were hurt. Most of the time she lets some major crocodile tears when she's upset. But after she lets it go, she feels so much better. I think adults should take that as a cue and let it all out when we can. After we let those tears flow, we will feel so much better. 

  • Smile and Laugh 5 of 11

    Adults don't do this enough. Just smile for no reason. Avery walks around with a smile on her face and it's contagious. I can't tell you how many people have stopped us on the street to tell us that just seeing her smile has brightened their day. If we did this, imagine how many people we could help for a better day!  

  • Let Loose and Dress Up 6 of 11

    Both of my girls absolutely love dressing up in different outfits. Whether it's a princess dress or a costume from a previous Halloween, they will dress up at any chance they get. I remember in my prime days of college, my friends and I would use any excuse to get dressed up in theme and go out. I am definitely not in my glory days, but every once in a while I have the urge to throw a themed party where all the guests will dress up. Maybe it doesn't even have to be a party, I could just join the girls in a nice little gown and play with them. I guarantee I'll be put in a better mood because of doing it.

  • It’s Okay to Indulge 7 of 11

    As adults, it is so easy to always be self-conscious about what we eat for fear that it's just going to end up as extra pounds somewhere on our body where we don't need it. But every once in a while I think it's okay to take the toddlers attitude on sweet treats. Eat them and enjoy it. If you want seconds, go ahead and dive it. And do it without feeling guilty. Enjoy it just as much as your tot would! 

  • Let Go and Explore 8 of 11

    Avery is always exploring around every nook and cranny to look for anything new that she can find. We will get to a new place and the first thing she does is get down and run around to check out the area. There are times that she has found some pretty incredible things because she just lets go of everything and explores. 

  • Take a Nap 9 of 11

    It's not often, but every once in a while if the girls are taking their naps for the day, I just lay down and join them. I put off everything that I could be getting done around the apartment and really let go and get some much needed rest. I am very lucky to have a toddler that really enjoys her nap every single day. When she wakes up, she feels so much more refreshed and is in a better mood. We should take that lead from our little one more often and just take the nap. Everything else can wait and you might even have more energy to get more things finished when you wake up! 

  • Embrace the Mess 10 of 11

    For some reason, messes drive me crazy, but they never seem to bother my girls. And I am so envious of their relaxed feeling about it. I feel the need to clean up after them each time only to find them mess it up two seconds later. It's a viscous cycle that only bothers me. There are some times when I just want to let go and embrace my messy living room and their messy room and not worry about it. After all, there are worse things to worry about than a little mess.

  • If You’re Passionate About Something, Stand Up For Yourself 11 of 11

    Right now my daughter is very passionate about her lamb stuffed animal. If you take it away from her, she will protest until you give it back. She's adamant about making sure that "lamby" is always with her. It may not be life changing, but I admire her for sticking to it when she wants her precious stuffed animal. If there is something that you feel strongly enough about, take a stand for it. Show how passionate you are about it. You never know how far it will get you. 

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