10 Things About Vivi – Month Sixteen

A woman asked me today how old Vivi was. I stared at her and had to think long and hard about just how old the baddler (we’re going to call her a baddler for now until I can come to grips with the fact that my baby is now a toddler. Baby + Toddler = Baddler) tearing apart the Beanie Baby display was. Addie, my other kid, was born in December so the math was always easy. 12 + September (9) = 21 months. But with Vivi, it’s a little trickier. 12 + September (9) – 5 (May) = 16 months. Honestly I’m ready just to bump her up to two or keep her at one or maybe just hover at a year and a half but that seems to bother some people.

They need exact months. Sometimes even weeks.

I was very weird about the weeks and months thing with my first, this time around when people ask how old she is I usually respond with “old enough to be too old for my liking.”

Where was I headed with this? Oh yes. Sixteen glorious months. There’s a few new tricks up Vivi’s sleeves and a few little personality quirks I’d like to present to you on behalf of my “somewhere around one and a half” baddler.

  • May I Press Your Button? 1 of 10
    May I Press Your Button?
    Bellybuttons are the center of her universe. Her bellybutton, my bellybutton, Cody's bellybutton, Addie's bellybutton, the checkout girl at Costco's bellybutton and the bellybutton she insists the cats MUST have. I have to be super careful in dresses around her or she'll crawl up in them to seek mine out.
  • Chow Time Favorites 2 of 10
    Chow Time Favorites
    She will fight you for a scrambled egg, an avocado, strawberries, string cheese or spaghetti. Don't even think about eating any of them in front of her and not sharing. Better yet, just give her your whole plate, you're going to end up doing just that anyway.
  • Squeaky Clean Chompers 3 of 10
    Squeaky Clean Chompers
    She has recently become obsessed with having her teeth brushed, brushing other people's teeth and basically anything involving a toothbrush. Keep a close eye on your toothbrush if you ever come over or it may be used in the cats' mouths.
  • Bathtime is BAD 4 of 10
    Bathtime is BAD
    She hates baths. And I don't mean "hates" as in "doesn't readily enjoy them" I mean "hates with the power of ten thousand angry toddlers." Cody actually climbed into the bathtub fully clothed on Sunday night she was so mad at the world.
  • No Lonely Boys Here 5 of 10
    No Lonely Boys Here
    Her favorite band is still The Black Keys, that one isn't specific to 16 months as she's been a Keys fan since before she could walk. I'm just really proud of her taste in music and all that strange crap her sister loves hasn't rubbed off on her.
  • Nap Schmap 6 of 10
    Nap Schmap
    I'm afraid to admit this one, but lately she's been all "NAPS? I DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' NAP!" Cody says she's ready to drop her nap. I say if she drops her nap I drop her off at grandma's 2,000 miles away. Naps are sacred wonderful things. THIS IS JUST A PHASE.
  • Climbing to the Top 7 of 10
    Climbing to the Top
    She can get up and down stairs (albeit a little too boldly (read: down the stairs face first) for my preferences) and can get up and down on chairs and the couch, which also means I find her on top of desks and the kitchen table regularly.
  • She Speaks Mammal! 8 of 10
    She Speaks Mammal!
    She meows at pictures of cats. Or things that kind of look like cats. Or the actual cats. Or things that sound like cats. She also barks back at any dog she sees, hears or imagines.
  • Boy She Likes Boynton 9 of 10
    Boy She Likes Boynton
    She's super into all of her Sandra Boynton books. Baddlers really shouldn't have a preference when it comes to books as long as they have pages, pictures and/or words. But Vivi is a Boynton fan, Seuss is a close second.
  • Belly First with Confidence 10 of 10
    Belly First with Confidence
    She walks belly first into life with absolutely no concept of anything scary being around any corner. She doesn't get apprehensive when a door opens for her, she pushes her way through to own whatever is on the other side of it.

Anybody else out there find their baddler on top of the kitchen table poking around in their own bellybutton?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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