10 Things I DON'T Do as a Mama of a Toddler

I’m a mom of two young children. I DO a lot of things with them, and for them, every. single. day. And day, after day, after day.

I’m a mom, doing things is just what we do, right?

But, sometimes I think in the world of blogging you can read about a mom, her kids and her family, her home, and everything that she does, and think that she does it all. Somehow the words on the screen become larger than life, as if it what she writes is all of what her life is about, and it starts to seem like she’s a supermom. That she does it all and has it all together. I know I’ve felt that way when I read other women’s blogs.

But, the blog posts and the pictures are not the whole of the life she leads behind her computer screen. The reality is she’s a mom, and just like every other mom, has her good days and bad days, and the days where the dishes get left piled up in the sink and the toys are strewn about on the floor, and she yells at her kids, again. And when I say “she” here, I, of course, mean “me”.

Maybe you don’t think I’m a supermom, and that’s okay, because I’m so definitely not. But maybe you wonder how I do all of the things I seem to do, or maybe you’ve read another blog and have thought that about the mom who writes it. Well for every thing that I do, there are probably at least two things that I don’t do. You just don’t hear about the “don’ts” as often.

I was thinking the other day about how I don’t sit on the floor and play with my kids very often. Almost never, actually. And I was starting to feel bad about it. Then, I started to think of all of the different things that I don’t do as a mom of a toddler. And I felt really bad.

A little while later though, I began to think of all of the things that I do as a mom, and I decided I was okay with at least most of the things that I don’t do. Because I’m really happy with the things that I am able to do, and it’s okay to not be able to do everything. 

I thought that some of you mamas might be able to relate to feeling bad about things that you don’t do with your kids. So, I just wanted to be real and share ten of the the things that I don’t do as a mama of a toddler.

And I’d love to hear in the comments the things that you don’t do, and whether you’re okay with it, or if you feel guilty about it sometimes, like I do.

Okay, so here we go.


  • Sit on the Floor and Play 1 of 10
    Sit on the Floor and Play
    I rarely sit on the floor and play with my kids. It just never works out well when I try to, actually. My kids are pretty strong willed and have a certain idea of how they want to play, and when I don't play exactly how they want, they get mad at me. They're really good at playing by themselves together, which is nice because then I can get other stuff done. I do sometimes sit and do puzzles with them, which is something we both can enjoy.
  • Teach Letters and Numbers 2 of 10
    Teach Letters and Numbers
    I tried with my daughter to make flashcards and help her learn her letters and numbers, but she would always resist sitting still and "learning" with me, so I just gave it up, and you know what, she learned them all anyway. And my son is well on his way, without any "teaching" from me.
  • Bathe My Kids Every Day (Or Even Every-Other Day) 3 of 10
    Bathe My Kids Every Day (Or Even Every-Other Day)
    Especially in the winter time, but really all year round, we only bathe our kids a few times a week. Part of it is because I don't think it's good for their skin to bathe every day, but it's also somewhat due to laziness, it is definitely a chore to get those two scrubbed and clean in the tub, not something I want to worry about doing on a daily basis.
  • Leave My Kids With a Sitter 4 of 10
    Leave My Kids With a Sitter
    This one I do feel bad about because I know it's important for my hubs and I to have date nights and get time by ourselves. But, we just don't really feel comfortable having someone else put our kids to bed - partly for our kids, and partly for the sitter, because our kids are not the easiest to get to sleep at night. We do leave them with family sometimes, which is great, because it's free. Sitters are also expensive!
  • Exercise 5 of 10
    This one I do off and on, depending on the season and what else is going on in my life. We do have a great jogging stroller and I love to take my kids running, but they are HEAVY! And now that I'm pregnant and it's colder outside about the most exercise I get is an occasional walk around the block.
  • Do Crafts 6 of 10
    Do Crafts
    I do not try to pretend that I am a crafty mama, I'm just not. My kids love to do art and create, and I do let them do a lot of that. But, to sit down and do an actual planned craft usually just results in a lot of stress and a lot of mess. I wish I was more crafty, but it's just not one of my strong suits.
  • Throw Crazy Birthday Parties 7 of 10
    Throw Crazy Birthday Parties
    Like with crafting, I'm also not a super creative party planning kind of mama. We try our best to make our kids feel extra special on their birthday, but an elaborate themed party is not a part of that plan.
  • Let Him Help Me Cook 8 of 10
    Let Him Help Me Cook
    Some moms are great at letting their kids help them in the kitchen, I am not one of those moms. Now that my daughter is older, she can help a little, but my son just ends up hurting more than helping, and I just get frustrated. I try to keep him as far away from the kitchen as possible while I'm cooking — at least for now.
  • Get Professional Photos Taken 9 of 10
    Get Professional Photos Taken
    We have never had professional photos of our kids or family taken. Do I regret it? Kind of. But we are on a tight budget and it's just not really something we've been able to afford. My awesome friend, who is great at photography, took some family photos of us recently, and I'm perfectly happy with them. Now, I just need to get them printed out and hung up in the house — which is something else I don't do very well.
  • Change Him as Often as I Should 10 of 10
    Change Him as Often as I Should
    There are times when my son goes for longer than he probably should between diaper changes. Sometimes it's just because I'm busy and forget, other times I'm just avoiding it. It's getting a little better now since I can just take off his diaper and let him run around naked and know that he'll use the potty.

Now it’s your turn — Let’s share what we don’t do so we can help each other remember than none of us are supermom!

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