10 Things I Want to Do with My Daughter While Her Brothers Are in School

In a week her older brothers both go back to school. My oldest will be in kindergarten five days a week, and the middle little guy will be in the same three-day-a-week, half-day program he was in last year.

In the past couple days, I have been thinking about stuff I can do with Addison while her brothers are in school. Last year when the boys were both in school we did breakfast and took a nap. She was a baby and still napped twice a day.

Now she is 16 months old and a complete monster. Naps are few and far between and I am looking for activities that will keep us occupied during the time her brothers are in school. Some good quality mother-daughter bonding time. Girl time. You know, we all had it with our moms!

I make an effort to have these kind of moments with all the kids. There are some things we do with the boys individually that Addison cannot be included in sometimes. I think the same should go for her and having the one-on-one time with one or both of us parents.

In turn I made a short list of things I would like to do with her this coming school year when we have some quality girl time.

So what is on our agenda?

  • Pedicures 1 of 10
    While it sounds like she is a little too young for it, I think she would totally sit through it. I bought some non-toxic nail polish for little girls a while back and I have been waiting to use it. I think our time has finally come!
  • Swing at the Playground 2 of 10
    Swing at the Playground
    She loves swinging. High! This picture was actually taken before I started to swing her. The meltdown had begun because I didn't swing her soon enough. Such a diva!
  • Play Princess 3 of 10
    Play Princess
    Dress up, watch Disney princess movies, whatever goes. I am all about getting dressed up this year and reliving my childhood with my own toddler. I know I am excited about it now, and in another year I may totally be over it. But for now I am going to live up these moments!
  • Bake Yummies! 4 of 10
    Bake Yummies!
    I want her to bake with me. The boys were always my personal taste testers when in the kitchen. Now it is her turn! I may not be able to cook well, but I can bake some mean Funfetti!
  • We’ll Read Trash 5 of 10
    We'll Read Trash
    Well maybe sticking to some simple more age-appropriate books will be exactly what we do. But who doesn't love a good tabloid?
  • Dance Like No One is Watching 6 of 10
    Dance Like No One is Watching
    Dance! Dance dance dance! Nothing like a good dance party. I bought this little sign for Addie's room a while ago and we make it a point to have dance parties all the time.
  • Teach Her Values 7 of 10
    Teach Her Values
    I never imagined I would have a daughter. But I want to make sure I raise her to be strong, independent and of course an amazing feminist just like my mother, myself, and of course ... both of my boys.
  • Just Play 8 of 10
    Just Play
    Whether it is playing with naked dolls, or just putting together a puzzle. (which she is awesome at already) we are just going to hang and play. Even if it includes naked dolls.
  • Loopsy Hunting 9 of 10
    Loopsy Hunting
    We are on a mission to complete our collection or at least search for the missing dolls from our collection. We will be looking for these to prepare for Christmas.
  • We’ll Miss the Boys 10 of 10
    We'll Miss the Boys
    Of course we will probably sit around and miss her big brothers. They are her favorite entertainment during the day because they love her so much. They want to be so involved in helping her in every way. We will miss them during school!

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