10 Things Made Specifically for Kids that Parents Enjoy Even More

Boys with toys
Wait your turn, son

There’s plenty of stuff made for kids that only kids enjoy. Like Play-Doh, for instance. When you’re below a certain age, it’s all fun with colors and shapes and molding. However, once you hit adulthood, all you see when those little yellow containers come out is a vision of hardened neon clay embedded in the fibers of your carpet, and ultimately, your soul.

But there’s also plenty of stuff made for kids that their moms and dads appreciate equally, if not a whole lot more.

Here are 10 items technically made for kids but are enjoyed and appreciated even more by their parents:

  • Barney’s Imagination Island DVD 1 of 10
    Barney's Imagination Island DVD
    The run time might only be 48 minutes, but there's an option in the menu for "continuous play." As in, you can take as much time as you need in the shower. And there might even be a few minutes left over for a cup of coffee and the day's newspaper. If you're really lucky, you could also potentially knock a few items off your to-do list before even your kids have had enough of Baby Bop and B.J.
    Thanks, Barney. No, really. Thank you.
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  • Triple-Count Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2 of 10
    Triple-Count Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    If you're fortunate enough to have a cable provider that has Disney Junior shows on its On Demand service, then maybe you already know that among the offerings is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And every few weeks, they offer a triple-count Mickey Clubhouse.
    For those keeping score at home, that's 72 minutes of Mickey and the gang to keep your toddler occupied.
    See ya real soon, kids! Or, you know, in an hour and 12 minutes, anyway.
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  • Headphones 3 of 10
    So your toddler can watch Barney and Mickey without interruption.
    And so you don't have to listen to one blessed minute of any of it.
  • Car window locks 4 of 10
    Car window locks
    Locks on the car windows are for your child's safety, of course.
    They're also there so that you don't have to stop the car, throw it in reverse and play a human version of Frogger in an attempt to rescue the lovey that was unfortunately tossed out the window a few miles back.
  • Chicken nuggets 5 of 10
    Chicken nuggets
    Yes, they're technically for the kids. Adults are supposed to eat the more refined version, otherwise known as chicken cutlets.
    But have you tasted their miniature goodness? Heaven.
  • Pacifiers 6 of 10
    Pacifiers soothe babies and toddlers.
    Anything that soothes a crying baby is good for the baby.
    And the mommy.
  • Juice boxes 7 of 10
    Juice boxes
    A portion-control size box of juice? That comes with its own straw?
    Yes, please.
  • Cribs 8 of 10
    Or high chairs. Or ExerSaucers. Or pretty much anything that keeps the baby safe, entertained, and contained, thereby allowing you to pee uninterrupted at least once daily.
    Yes, please.
  • Benadryl 9 of 10
    No parent wants to drug their children.
    But if a little Benadryl can help the little ones sleep on, say, an overnight flight, which means you can relax, read or not endure dirty looks from everyone to the baggage handlers, flight attendants and other passengers, then how isn't that a win-win situation?
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  • Toy kitchens 10 of 10
    Toy kitchens
    Who wouldn't want to play in a kitchen like this, where the most you'd be expected to produce is a wooden egg or plastic strawberry?
    Hello, minimal cleanup.
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