10 Things My 16-Month-Old Is Loving

Giving kisses to his reflection.
Giving kisses to his reflection.

With every new age and stage, there is a new set of likes and dislikes. Who am I kidding? I feel like there are new likes and dislikes with every passing day. It’s so funny to watch old toys become favorites again, or to see puzzles pieces quite literally falling into place. I am constantly amazed at how the little mind and brain develop through these toddler years.

At sixteen months old, Cullen is all about independence. He wants to hold his own cups, serve his own snacks, and climb to the top of the climbing gym while I nervously watch from the bottom. And I know this is just the beginning. I’m sure I say this every month, but it feels like things are changing quickly now. I can barely keep up with what he’s doing before it all changes again!

So right now – TODAY – here are 10 things my 16-month-old is loving…

  • Books 1 of 10
    I feel really lucky to have a little guy that is already so into reading. We live out in the 'burbs, so we do a good bit of driving, and Cullen loves to sit and read in the car. It makes our rides so much easier (unless he falls asleep - eeeek!).
  • Gymboree 2 of 10
    For the past month or so, we've been doing Gymboree classes once a week. It is so fun to watch Cullen in this new kid-friendly space. I'm amazed at how bravely he climbs towers of mats, dives through tunnels, and rolls down the slide. His favorite part is the parachute at the end, and he cackles with joy as he runs underneath.
  • Music 3 of 10
    I know all kids love music, and Cullen is definitely one of them. Every night he demands we turn on Pandora or our Xbox to stream music on the TV, and he dances around the living room. It is adorable!
  • Playgrounds 4 of 10
    At this age, playgrounds are the best thing EVER. I can't wait until it's warmer and we can go every single day. He still does the swings from time to time, but mostly it's all about climbing the climbing gyms and scooting down the slide. I can't believe how big he looks when I see him doing it all by himself!
  • Puzzles 5 of 10
    Cullen has just started doing puzzles, and it's amazing to watch. It seems like one day he just picked up the piece and knew how to do them. We need to get a few more!
  • Riding 6 of 10
    The latest obsession is climbing IN things, and then taking them for a ride. Wagons, carts, wash baskets - you name it. This kid loves to ride in everything but the stroller. Sigh.
  • Snack Cups 7 of 10
    Snack Cups
    This new age of independence means he wants to do everything himself. He loves getting a little cup of snacks and taking it over to the table to eat. Of course, sometimes that leads to a very big mess, but it's worth it to see how proud of himself he is when a few pieces makes it into the cup.
  • Stamps 8 of 10
    Cullen got a stamp after Gymboree class one day, and has been hooked ever since. I got a little stamp and stamp pad for our house, and he asks for one every day. He likes when Casey and I wear them too, and he loves to point to his!
  • Step Stools 9 of 10
    Step Stools
    We got this little step stool as a baby gift right after Cullen was born, and it has been invaluable. In earlier months, he used it to learn to pull up and stand. Then he learned motor skills by pulling out the puzzle pieces. And now he's finally using it for its purpose - stepping on it! He loves to stand and look out the windows, and watch for Dad to come home.
  • Windows 10 of 10
    And on that note - he LOVES windows! It's like he just discovered the outside world or something. He loves to watch the neighbors, "bark" at dogs walking by, and tap on the windows with his hands. He even gives his reflection kisses!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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