10 Things That are ONLY Funny to Toddlers

There’s a reason there are separate TV shows, books and films for adults and little kids. Besides the fact that not even most grown-ups understood, say, Lost — never mind a toddler — there are just different jokes and stories that are appropriate for people of different ages.

That being said, there are still some things that little kids find funny in which adults can’t even remotely see the humor.

Here are 10 things that are funny to toddlers and absolutely no one else:

  • Toddler Humor 1 of 11
    Toddler Humor
    Either you're under 4 and you get it, or you're 4 and unamused.
  • Peeing on the Changing Table 2 of 11
    Peeing on the Changing Table
    It'd be a lot funnier if they just peed in the bath like every other little kid. Funnier to you, anyway.

    But toddlers just have this way of holding in their pee when immersed in warm water and then saving it for the moment you put them on the changing table to get them into their pajamas, rendering them in need of another bath — immediately.

    To them, this is hysterically funny. To you, the bath-giver, not so much.
  • Your Anger 3 of 11
    Your Anger
    It could be they intentionally broke something they knew they weren't supposed to touch. It could be they smeared peanut butter toast in their hair just to see how it feels. It could be they think it's a game to take off their shoes and socks every single time you strap them into their car seat.

    Whatever it is, they think it's funny when you get mad.

    Probably because they know that whatever it is, it's really not worth getting that mad about.

    (P.S. They're totally kind of right, too)
  • Belly Buttons 4 of 11
    Belly Buttons
    Belly buttons can be a lot of things — innies, outies, pierced, overexposed, a haven for lint, for example.

    But to a toddler, they are also inexplicably funny.

    If someone wants to make you mad, they just need to lift up your shirt and stick their finger in your belly button.

    If you want to see a toddler burst out laughing, you just need to lift up their shirt and stick your finger in their belly button.

    Go figure.
  • Food Tossing 5 of 11
    Food Tossing
    Even if it's food they actually like, toddlers still find it entertaining to toss it on the ground.

    Then again, it is kind of fun to needlessly prepare two meals at once for the same person.

    Oh, wait. No. No, it's not.
  • 3 a.m. 6 of 11
    3 a.m.
    As you well know, nothing humorous happens at 3 o'clock in the morning. When you're an adult, that is.

    When you're a toddler on the other hand, everything's funny when you're awake and sucker someone into keeping you company.

    Mommy, however, is hardly amused.
  • Barney 7 of 11
    When you think about it, a fat purple dinosaur who sings, dances awkwardly and spends all of his time with little kids is kind of funny. Just in a "gotcha"-Chris Hansen-Dateline-sting operation kind of way.

    Which probably isn't why your toddler laughs with delight every time he appears on the TV.

    Although one day it will be.

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  • Headbutting 8 of 11
    Toddlers probably don't mean to headbutt you so much as they're trying to kiss your lips/rub noses/groove to the rhythm in their head.

    But when they inevitably do it against your nose/lip/that high corner of your cheekbone right under your eye that you know will result in a shiner, they just giggle as if you've tickled them senseless.

    It's always good to know your pain is amusing. I guess.
  • Ducks 9 of 11
    The rubber kind, the stuffed mallard kind, the kind at the park that get a little too close for comfort when your small children are holding snack cups — it doesn't matter the kind, they are like toddler crack.

    A cat meowing, a cow mooing, a lion roaring — nothing has the same humorous effect on a toddler as the quack of a duck.

    In fact, some believe it's the eighth wonder of the world.
  • Peekaboo 10 of 11
    For some reason it's amusing to toddlers when you hide your face in your hands and pretend to be gone and then quickly reveal yourself to be in the same spot where you were when you "left."

    However, God forbid you clearly announce your intention to leave the room to, say, go to the toilet or get a glass of water, they cry so loud that Child Protective Services opens a case file in your name.
  • Water Coolers 11 of 11
    Water Coolers
    Leave it to a toddler to find the humor in the gurgling, bubbling inner-workings of a water cooler.

    Our adult lives would probably be 10-times better if every time we dispensed agua into a little plastic cup we wound up rolling on the floor with peals of uncontrollable laughter.

    Clearly toddlers know something we don't.

    (Except about the headbutting. There's really no way that's funny.)

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