10 Things Toddlers Learning to Walk Resemble (Hint: Hardly Any are Human)

Wind-up toy
Wind them up and watch them go until they promptly drop to the ground

The sight of a toddler learning to walk can make you proud, joyful, nostalgic and panicked all at once. Someone so little taking literal and psychological steps so big conjures up a host of emotions, not to mentions plenty of bumps, bruises and tears.

While they might be little people, toddlers learning to walk look like lots of things, it’s just that hardly any of what they look like are human.

Behold 10 things toddlers learning to walk resemble:

  • Frankenstein 1 of 10
    Their arms are straight out (forward or to the side) and they walk around with a monster-like swagger, oblivious to anything except what they want, which is generally everything, which is exactly what they shall have.
  • A penguin 2 of 10
    A penguin
    Waddle waddle waddle.
  • Mr. Magoo 3 of 10
    Mr. Magoo
    Like the nearsighted cartoon character of yore, toddlers learning to walk always seems to stumble nearly blindly and directly into hazardous situations. However, by some stroke of luck, they also almost always walk out, and (mostly) unscathed.
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  • A bumper car 4 of 10
    A bumper car
    They start out fine but almost immediately — and always — bump into something. And then bump into the next thing. And then something again, and then rebound into the first thing.
    Over and over.
    Ad infinitum.
  • A wind-up toy 5 of 10
    A wind-up toy
    Wind them up and watch them go, go, go, until they run out of steam and fall down, down, down.
  • A garbage truck 6 of 10
    A garbage truck
    When you can walk, you suddenly have the ability to grab more than just what's on the floor. And put it all into your mouth.
  • A speeding bullet 7 of 10
    A speeding bullet
    Faster than a speeding bullet — toddlers learning to walk seem to figure out how to move very, very, very fast.
  • A bulldozer 8 of 10
    A bulldozer
    A toddler learning to walk is determined like a tank and strong like a bulldozer, pushing their way through seemingly impossible situations, like a sofa, door, wall, table or just about anything that can be opened, fall over or break.
  • A clown 9 of 10
    A clown
    Look at me! I can walk! Which means I can do tricks now! Or at least do things that look awfully tricky!
  • The Energizer Bunny 10 of 10
    The Energizer Bunny
    No matter how many times they fall down, knock into anything, destroy something or walk into everything, they just get right back up again and keep going.
    And going.
    And going.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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