10 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Toddler

None of us know what we’re doing as parents, or at least that’s what I like to tell myself. Besides, anyone who claims to know better than the rest of us better have children who sleep past 9 am, wipe their own butts (and well), and actually enjoy being seen rather than heard.

Babble editor, Mira Jacob wrote the piece, 15 Ways NOT to Raise Your Toddler because she’s a mom who’s keepin’ it real; real honest and real hilarious.

Just like our toddlers, we don’t always want to be told what to say or do so I offer the following list of things you should NEVER say to a toddler …

  • Stainless Steel Sippy Cup 1 of 12
    Stainless Steel Sippy Cup
    Stainless steel sippy cups are your best bet for avoiding the chemicals, like BPA, that are found in many plastic sippy cups and can leach into your child's drinks. We love our Klean Kanteen sippy cups, and there are several other good brands out there too.
  • Stainless Steel Tableware 2 of 12
    Stainless Steel Tableware
    Avoiding plastic for children's tableware is important too. We like this stainless steel silverware by Gerber, and we also have extra-small stainless mixing bowls from Ikea that we use as our kids' food bowls.
  • Cloth Trainers 3 of 12
    Cloth Trainers
    I have cloth diapered both of my children, and now that we are close to potty training our son, it's important to me to continue using cloth. These cloth trainers from Bumwear are a great alternative to disposable training diapers. They have snaps on the side and can be pulled up and down for using the potty, or snapped off if your little one has an accident.
  • Non-toxic Bath Products 4 of 12
    Non-toxic Bath Products
    It's really important to make sure that your kid's toiletries and bath products are safe and non-toxic. The personal care product industry is not regulated, and there are lots of toxic chemicals that lurk in these types of products. Besides using homemade bath products, choose a safe and all-natural brand like California Baby.
  • Organic Cotton Pajamas 5 of 12
    Organic Cotton Pajamas
    Your kiddos spend a lot of time sleeping, and many conventional synthetic pajamas are coated with toxic flame retardants. Clothing your tot in all organic clothing isn't possible for the average family, but you can consider investing in organic cotton pajamas because of the amount of time your kids will spend in them. These pjs from Hanna Andersson are super cute and are reasonably priced, especially if you can get them on sale.
  • Organic Cotton Bedding 6 of 12
    Organic Cotton Bedding
    The amount of time kids spend sleeping is important for considering their bedding too. Organic mattresses are pricey, but you can at least cover your child's conventional mattress with organic cotton sheets and bedding, like these from Pottery Barn Kids, to help to decrease the chemicals they are exposed to while sleeping.
  • Second Hand Clothes and Gear 7 of 12
    Second Hand Clothes and Gear
    A great way to green your kid's wardrobe is to buy second-hand clothing. You not only save the materials and resources needed to make new clothing, which is good for the planet, you will also save yourself money. The same goes for kids' toys and gear too. My favorite places to stock up on used clothing and toys for my kids are garage sales, consignment sales, and second-hand shops, like Once Upon a Child.
  • Cloth Snack Bags 8 of 12
    Cloth Snack Bags
    We all know how important it is to keep snack on hands for our kiddos at all times. Green your snack storage, or kid's lunch, by using reusable cloth snack bags like these from instead of disposable plastic baggies.
  • Classic Wooden Toys 9 of 12
    Classic Wooden Toys
    Kids need toys that encourage imaginative play, instead of ones with batteries that "play" for them, and classic wooden toys are great for that. This one from Melissa and Doug is one of my kids' favorites.
  • Non-toxic Toys 10 of 12
    Non-toxic Toys
    While it's hard to completely avoid plastic toys for kids, you can pick safer plastic made without BPA, PVC and phthalates, and that are made from eco-friendly materials, like these block from Green Toys, made with 100% recycled plastic.
  • Safe Art Supplies 11 of 12
    Safe Art Supplies
    Kids love to create, and arts and crafts are a great activity to do with your toddler. But, it's important to make sure that you provide your little ones with safe and non-toxic art supplies, because we all know that often as much of the paint, or markers, or whatever they're using, ends up on them as on the paper. Eco Art Works offers great options for non-toxic art supplies for tots.
  • Green Cleaning Products 12 of 12
    Green Cleaning Products
    While it's not necessarily a specific item, it's really important to take a close look at the products that we use to clean our homes. Most conventional cleaners are filled with all kinds of toxic chemicals that we can absorb into our bodies by inhaling them, or through our skin. In our family, we clean with simple and frugal homemade, non-toxic cleaners, but there are also lots of great brands that make green cleaning products you can buy in stores or online.

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