10 Tips For Dads: What We Wish You’d Just Know To Do

Let me preface by saying that while my own partner surely resembles the actions or non-actions in a few of these points, by no means does this paint the picture of him, a-z. Some of these points are non-issues in our house and overall? He rocks.


I have friends. I know people who know people. Women talk and share. Apparently more so than the average male. Which yes, is a stereotype. As are many of these points about the male species that many of us women wish they would improve upon. Especially during the early years of parent-hood. Because for all of its raw beauty, it is indeed a gong show too. So, lets not front. We can all identify with at least 1 or more of these points (I’m wagering on maybe even 3, 4 or more), man or woman.

If you are a fellow to whom none of this applies, please don’t be offended. You are amazing and a rare specimen, you dream man you.

If you are a woman who could take a few of these pointers to heart yourself, giddy-up. We’re all in this together, this parenting thing and keeping our relationships nurtured and afloat. Those little eyes that belong to the little bodies which cause us so much sweet madness? They are watching it all and taking mental notes.

On how we love and respect each other, how to act, how to treat each other, how to be. Way more than we give credit to. Click through for 10 Things Most of Us Wish The Dads of The House Would JUST KNOW To Do >>>

  • Just Do It! 1 of 11
  • Own It. Rock It. 2 of 11

    Own that 'honey-do' list. Like a champ. Don't try to reason or compromise with her about it. Don't try to pass some items back to her. Don't call her mid-way running some errands to engage in a conversation about why you can't do what you actually went out to do because you decided to do something else. Want to eat dinner? Then yes, you DO need to go to the grocery store. Just take care of business, like she didn't exist, like a BOSS. We think that sh*t is sexy as hell.
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  • Monkey See, Monkey Do 3 of 11

    Since she more than likely washes your gitch, perhaps you could do her the favour of launching yours in the laundry basket. Not the floor, on the regular.  Like make a habit out of it. Socks too. Heck, I'm gonna get crazy and say any and all dirty clothes? In the laundry basket. Teach and enforce your kids to do it too, instead of launching their clothes wherever when you help them get undressed. And no, we shouldn't be happy that at least you're 'helping out', in the first place. Just no with that.
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  • Your Momma Doesn’t Work Here 4 of 11

    Stop leaving your dirty dishes everywhere, or on the stairs on your half-way attempt to make it to the kitchen. Just please, for the love of all human-kind...stop that.
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  • Public (And Not So Public) Displays of Affection 5 of 11

    Hold her face when your kiss her on occasion. (Don't lie ladies, we all love that from time to time.) Also…in relation to ones mouth making contact with other body parts, you know that thing you really like and often? Ditto us. Hire a sitter, take her out, wine and dine her. Or wait till the kids are in bed to have an impromptu date night at home. A little effort goes a long way. Our kids love it when we hug and kiss in front of them, (yea, I realize this won't last). It shows them how much we love each other.
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  • No More Lick and a Promise 6 of 11

    Did the dishes? You rock. However, please wipe down the stove and the counter-tops too. More importantly, clean the gunk out of the sink. Seriously. Do that. Used up the last of the milk? The juice? Don't put empties back in the fridge, definitely don't put a vessel containing a but a drop left in the fridge and use that as a viable excuse. Replenish said emptied milk/juice into the fridge.
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  • Yard Work Yoda 7 of 11

    Mow the lawn and trim the edges of said lawn without being asked, once a week. All summer, without once ever hearing an utterance of the request being made; never mind multiple times. Rewards gua-ran-teed, you've managed to please her so much. 
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  • Moms = Not Faeries 8 of 11

    If you find yourself in a family dynamic wherein you are away on business far more often than she (or altogether for that matter), make sure you A: give her some free-time on her own when you get home, without her asking for it. B: if she does ask for it, don't act like you're doing her some great service or look at her with fear in your eyes because you have to do bed and bath-time with one or more toddlers on your own. She does not hold any magical fairy dust to do these things better than you. You can do it too, just as she does , all the time, without your aid. 
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  • Think Ahead; Don’t Buy Crap 9 of 11

    Celebrate every  birthday and anniversary with a thoughtful (doesn't necessarily mean $$$), gift. This means thinking about it before the day of.
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  • Co-Parenting 101 10 of 11

    Be a bad-ass co-parent. Don't belittle her decisions in front of the kids or stay or silent when she's administering discipline. Voice your agreement like you're actually a team. Power in numbers, power in numbers.
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  • Small Victories For Human-Kind 11 of 11

    Change a diaper? May it find it's way to the diaper pail, not left to the side of the change table. During the potty-training stage, while it's great that you are involved; it's equally as great to teach young lads the attributes of cleaning up one's own pee off the floor and/or toilet seat. Not chuckle at it like it's some rite of passage into male-hood to be slob and leave for someone else to step or sit in.
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This list seem too demanding? Too condescending? Too sexy? Please. Ain’t nobody got time to entertain dat. All one has to do is look on the cover of Cosmo and see articles in abundance detailing all that we women can do for our men. As for the ‘sexy’ bits: parents — even those of the sleep deprived toddler years are perhaps still smitten with the idea of romance, intrigue and fantasy. Believe you me, I kept this very PG.


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