10 Tips for Surviving the Flu

The last two weeks have been miserable, to say the least. First, our 2-year-old Zeke came down with something. He puked once, and had a slight fever but not bad. Before we knew it, our 3-year-old Izaiah had the same situation going on.

From that point on, the rest of our family slowly went down. One after another, each of us, with the exception of our 8-year-old, came down with the crud. We later found out, the crud was the flu.

The flu? I didn’t think it was the flu because we had ALL been vaccinated. In November, when our pediatrician offered a family flu shot clinic, my husband dragged us all out of bed  EARLY one Saturday morning to get vaccinated. So no way this could be the flu. But yes, after my husband became VERY ill (way worse than any of the rest of us), we got the diagnosis.

Surviving the last few weeks has been challenging. I think I can say that we made it, though I am knocking on wood right now.

While our family is rarely all ill at the same time, over the last two weeks we did learn several things that can help. I hope these tips will help you survive the flu if it hits your house. (But I hope it DOESN’T hit your house!)

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    Fighting the flu can feel like a fight for survival -- especially if your whole house becomes sick! Check out these 10 tips for surviving the flu from a mom who just went through this.

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    fever no fun

    While it may look like my kid is wearing a maxi-pad, I promise he isn't! This is a Be Koool soft gel sheet. These may look silly (but hey, there's Mickey Mouse!) but the boys responded well to them. They provide a cooling effect to your head. I MAY have worn a few of these over the last week that I've been sick. 

  • Tamiflu 3 of 11

    In hindsight, we should have made a bee-line for the doctor right when Zeke got sick. It was on a weekend and his fever was never high. He wasn't feeling well but would play. We really just thought he had a small bug or was possibly teething. If we had gotten him in earlier, maybe the Tamiflu would have actually helped. (Tamiflu typically only works in the first two days of flu symptoms). If you do need Tamiflu -- here is a $10 off coupon.

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  • Skype as a Baby Monitor 4 of 11

    We haven't used a baby monitor since we moved into our home a year ago. Now that our room is on a different level than the kids, we needed a way to keep tabs on them through the night. We set up Skype on an iPad and positioned it in Zeke's room. Then called my Macbook, which sits next to my bed at night. Voila! Instant video baby monitor. Skype worked like a charm. Three hours into sleep after setting up, the baby (OK, fine our toddler) woke up crying. This is a great alternative and saved us from a midnight run to the store.

  • Lysol 5 of 11

    While I don't love spraying chemicals everywhere, when it comes to killing the flu virus, I'm OK with it. Lysol will help disinfect your house. This isn't an ad, just a mom who wants to help others not get sick!  Unfortunately, Lysol doesn't help if you have a sick kid you're cuddling on.

  • Throat Relief Pops 6 of 11

    These throat relief pops are suckers that help relieve throat pain. GENIUS! Until you kid starts screaming for "mo' candy!"

  • Eating While Sick 7 of 11

    It seemed like days when the boys wouldn't really eat. When there's an upset stomach, keep the meal light. His favorite meal was bananas, crackers and a few marshmallows mixed in to make him happy. 

  • Temporal Thermometer 8 of 11

    We bought a temporal thermometer when Izaiah was a baby three years ago and it still works like a charm. You just run this across your child (or your) head and the thermometer gives you an instant reading. This is definitely worth having around the house.

  • Communication Board 9 of 11
    communication board

    We are an all hands on deck family, and when everyone is sick, it's TAG TEAM. To keep everyone's medications straight, we use this handy little communication white board that sticks to our fridge. This keeps everyone in the know of who had medicine when and what his last temperature was. Did I mention how awful the last two weeks were?

  • Bath Time 10 of 11
    bath tub

    While we regularly bathe our boys, these last two weeks they have been SQUEAKY clean. The bath has provided a nice getaway to help with fever. The boys love splashing and playing in the bath, so when we were down and out, we could put them in the tub and just sit there and not have to worry where they are running around in the house. They can play until they prune, and then it's time to get out!

  • Socks and Vapor Rub 11 of 11

    Each night I vapor rubbed the boys' feet and then put socks over them. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I do think this helps. 

What tips do you have for surviving the flu?

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