10 Toddler Boy Picks for Spring!

If April showers do indeed bring May flowers, then we are in for a fragrant and colorful spring here in Seattle! While it doesn’t quite feel like spring just yet, I’m ignoring the grey skies and focusing on fun things like browsing outdoor playsets, planning summer BBQ’s, and of course picking out Cullen’s spring wardrobe.

We are lucky that our temperatures stay pretty mild and consistent here, so spring and summer tend to run together, making it easier to plan wardrobes and clothing budgets. I am so sick and tired of wrestling Cullen into thick sweaters, heavy corduroys, and bulky jackets. Bring on the bright colors, short sleeves, and chunky toddler thighs peeking out of adorable little knit shorts. We are ready!

Here are ten picks for toddler boys this spring – the cute, the practical, and the comfortable!

  • Spring picks 1 of 11
    Spring picks
    Click to see how we're outfitting Cullen for this upcoming spring!
  • Convertible chambray shirt 2 of 11
    Convertible chambray shirt
    I'm sorry. Does it get any cuter than this? I don't like to get overly preppy or too over the top with Cullen's clothes. He's a basic jeans and sweats kind of guy. But occasionally it's fun to have something a little nicer, and this shirt is crazy adorable!
    Available at Gap for $29.95.
  • Colored flat-front shorts 3 of 11
    Colored flat-front shorts
    One thing I've noticed with boys' clothing is that 90% of tops tend to be striped. Stripes are great here and there, but they get old and also make matching a little more complicated. With all that pattern up top, I try to keep the bottoms pretty solid. But that doesn't mean we can't do fun spring colors!
    Available at Gap for $26.95.
  • Kids Tri-Blend 3/4 Sleeve Raglan 4 of 11
    Kids Tri-Blend 3/4 Sleeve Raglan
    I never wanted to be that mom who dressed her children in clothes that match the parents. But in reality, Casey and I are both totally addicted to American Apparel tri-blend, and I can't help but get a few pieces for Cullen as well. I just make sure we don't all wear them on the same day! These raglan shirts are perfect for those in-between short and long sleeve days that we have often here in Seattle!
    Available at American Apparel for $18.00.
  • Roll-up terry pants 5 of 11
    Roll-up terry pants
    Like I mentioned before, we like casual clothes in this house. Cullen always seems most comfortable when he can climb and move easily, so I try not to stuff him into stiff khakis too often. I love these sweatpants because they roll up - perfect for our transitional Northwest weather. Is it weird that I kind of want a pair in my size?
    Available at Gap for $19.95.
  • Striped jersey polo 6 of 11
    Striped jersey polo
    See what I mean? STRIPES! There are like ten different striped color options of this shirt, and Cullen has several. It's an easy, lightweight option for sunny spring days. Perfect for pairing with shorts or jeans!
    Available at Old Navy for $7.00.
  • Rib-Waist Linen-Blend Cargo Shorts 7 of 11
    Rib-Waist Linen-Blend Cargo Shorts
    We won't be wearing shorts here for quite a bit yet, but when we finally do, I love these simple pull on shorts from Old Navy. They look soft and comfortable, yet sturdy enough to hold up to a rough toddler running around outside all day.
    Available at Old Navy for $14.00.
  • Color-Block Raglan Tees 8 of 11
    Color-Block Raglan Tees
    I love these simple baseball tees, and the color options are adorable. We have several already, and I'm tempted to buy more! Plus, you can't beat the price.
    Available at Gap for $7.94.
  • Roll-Up Poplin Pants 9 of 11
    Roll-Up Poplin Pants
    Again with the roll-up pants. This is actually my favorite pair of Cullen's pants EVER. They fit him perfectly, and they are so soft and comfortable, but still nicer than sweatpants. In the spring and summer we roll them up so he can run and play, and then roll them back down on cooler days to keep his little legs warm.
    Available at Old Navy for $16.94.
  • Kids Tri-Blend Short Sleeved Tee 10 of 11
    Kids Tri-Blend Short Sleeved Tee
    Since those were my favorite pants of all time, I will now share my favorite shirt of all time. This is actually my favorite shirt universally - for myself, for Casey, and for Cullen. You have never felt anything so soft and comfortable in your life, and they just get better the more you wash and wear them. I see myself buying many more of these in the sizes to come.
    Available at Gap for $12.00.
  • Turtle/Alligator PJ Short Sets 11 of 11
    Turtle/Alligator PJ Short Sets
    Perhaps the best thing about the arrival of spring? SPRING PAJAMAS! I am obsessed with the little shirt/boxer sets from Old Navy and Gap, and I love getting funny patterns and colors that make Cullen look like a scuba diver or safari explorer. Pajamas are meant to be fun!
    Available at Gap for $14.94.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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