10 Toddler Snow Day Activities

toddler snow day activitiesThe forecast is in and they’re calling for a potential 3-5 inches of snow here in North Carolina! I know, that may sound pitiful to most of y’all up North but to us it is a big deal. Head to the market for bread and milk! Delay schools!

It’s likely that I will be home tomorrow with Harrison if we do get precipitation on the roads – things tend to ice here pretty quickly and we’re just not equipped to deal with the white stuff. I was thinking about Christmas break and how the weather was so crummy that we had to stay indoors and it was just not much fun for either one of us. I’d like snow days to become something he looks forward to, just like I do. I think a lot of that has to do with my mother, who made us pancakes on snowy mornings and hot chocolate when we came in all tired from playing. We watched movies and put together puzzles. Snow days seemed like a complete departure from our everyday reality. Magical, almost.

I think that’s why I turn into a giddy school girl at the mere mention of snow – it still feels magical!

Do you have anything that you love to do on snow days or in the snow with your toddler? Here’s some suggestions!

  • Go out for a walk 1 of 10
    Go out for a walk
    Layer up and go for a walk! Make it a scavenger hunt and see if you can see a red sled, purple snow boots, a bird, etc.
  • Play in the snow 2 of 10
    Play in the snow
    Duh. Drag out a sled, throw a snowball, chase the dog through the snow! (bonus: it wears them out, which means potential nap time!)
  • Have family dinner 3 of 10
    Have family dinner
    Hey, you're off work! Your husband is home! Use that time to cook up a homemade dinner, then sit down and share it as a family. There's nothing else pressing at the moment.
  • Make a reading fort 4 of 10
    Make a reading fort
    Pull out sheets and blankets, pile them high and climb under with favorite books.
  • Play dress-up 5 of 10
    Play dress-up
    Let her dig through your shoes and clothes and give you a fashion show.
  • Watch a movie and make it special 6 of 10
    Watch a movie and make it special
    Pull out the Disney DVDs and pop some popcorn or make some cookies. Put on pajamas and snuggle up as a family.
  • Host a tea party 7 of 10
    Host a tea party
    Cut peanut butter & jelly sandwiches into triangles, serve juice in teacups, and put on jewelry and princess hats.
  • Grab your camera 8 of 10
    Grab your camera
    There's nothing more gorgeous than children in snow. Grab your camera and take advantage of that yummy light.
  • Bake something together 9 of 10
    Bake something together
    Make cookies or brownies or a cake. The house will smell yummy and you'll have treats for either a) that tea party or b) after that family supper!
  • Do a craft 10 of 10
    Do a craft
    I know. I kind of hate crafts, too. But teach them to cut out paper snowflakes, or draw their favorite snow activity. You could even play with food coloring in the snow.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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