10 Toddlers Stuck in Claw Machines – NO I Am NOT Kidding

OMG! Apparently it's easy for kids to climb into claw machines! ACK!
OMG! Apparently it’s easy for kids to climb into claw machines! ACK!

Guys, I have to tell you I totally hesitated on whether I should post this. Maybe it’s because each time I start writing this post my toddler Izaiah is circling me and the last thing I want him to do is get ANY ideas from this.

So back to what I want you to see. Someone had mentioned a kid being stuck in a claw machine, and I didn’t believe it.  So I Googled, and well apparently toddlers stuck in claw machines are a fairly common occurrence!!  What is even crazier than that is that there are all of these videos on YouTube of this happening!

You have to see these for yourself to believe it, so get ready – there’s video (again NOT KIDDING!).

10 Toddlers Stuck in Vending Machines — Oh My!

  • Video Surveillance 1 of 10
    Video Surveillance

    "Now where did that kid go?" I love how she doesn't believe what the boy says until she goes and checks it for herself. The imaginary dialogue in my has me LMAO
  • Australian Toddler 2 of 10
    Australian Toddler

    No offense, my toddlers aren't good all the time ... but I bet this little one is a hellion!
  • Crying Boy 3 of 10
    Crying Boy

    I feel for this little boy!
  • Sippy Cup Boy 4 of 10
    Sippy Cup Boy

    He even brought his sippy cup in, you know just in case he gets thirsty IN THE CLAW MACHINE!
  • LOL Mom 5 of 10
    LOL Mom

    Calm down MOM, your kid is like STUCK in a MACHINE, but at least you know where he is, right?
  • *Sniff* *Sniff* 6 of 10
    *Sniff* *Sniff*

    Poor baby girl is freaking out! I don't blame her!! But hey at least the fire department gives her a toy, you know for being bad.
  • Playtime in the Claw Machine! 7 of 10
    Playtime in the Claw Machine!

  • Wee! 8 of 10

    This kid is another one that I'm sure is TONS of fun!
  • Dad Loses, No Kid You Can’t Come Home 9 of 10
    Dad Loses, No Kid You Can't Come Home

    Sorry kid, I don't have any more quarters.
  • Little Girl on the News 10 of 10
    Little Girl on the News

    "Hey! I'm on the news!"

Can you believe it? Are there no safety regulations in regards to claw machines? And HOW FUN would it be to crawl up into one of these and play! I mean, I always try tried to stick my hand in and grab toys, but that didn’t work. Next time I’ll just heave-ho my toddler up there rather than wasting all of those quarters! And again, I’m kidding. I would only do that if I knew for sure that my kid wouldn’t cry and cause a scene, ugh because I hate scenes.

I totally know what would happen if this occurred (God, please NO!) in our family. I would be flipping out, going all Mama Bear on the claw machine, while my husband videos on his phone. Please God, NO. No. NO!

Thoughts? Photos of Your Kids in Claw Machines? Would You FREAK Out If This Was Your Kid?
I still can’t believe this, and God please please pretty please don’t give Izaiah ANY ideas.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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