10 Traits Our Toddler Picked Up From Us

She certainly didn’t learn that word from Dora.

Violet recently turned 3-years-old; it’s fascinating to watch her changing on an almost daily basis.

One day she’s babbling nonsense and the next she’s asking me to turn on the Billie Holiday record because she’s “so bwoo-ee-full.”

Or she’s dropping F-Bomb loudly and proudly because I just did it in response to an old lady pulling in front of our car as we drive to Kindermusik.

It got me got me to thinking about how her little mind is so much like a sponge right now and that she’s soaking up personality traits, speech patterns, and likes and dislikes of me and her dad. Which, as you’re about to see, isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’m pretty sure Dora didn’t teach her the F-Word. But, whatever. In 10 years she’ll be the opposite. Ridiculing us and ignoring us and doing everything in her power to NOT be like us, but for now, she’s trying to be just like us. Which, well, like I said, is good and bad.

Here are 10 traits Violet seems to have picked up from us …

  • The TV Watcher 1 of 10
    The TV Watcher
    This is her TV watching face. I imagine I look much the same way when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are on: blank, vapid, not entirely there, which, come to think of it, is exactly like the housewives. If only I could teach Violet to like the housewives instead of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, life would be great!
  • The Foodie 2 of 10
    The Foodie
    We always invite her to help us make meals. As a result, she loves to cook, stir and watch stuff baking in the oven. Here she is mixing up her own birthday cake.
  • The Sailor 3 of 10
    The Sailor
    Um, yeeeaaah. She really likes the word damn and says it often. I once said "Daaamn, kid" while changing a particularly offensive diaper of Henry's and now she utters it at the slightest provocation. She uses it in context, though, which I enjoy.
  • The Musician 4 of 10
    The Musician
    Dad is a musician and so is Uncle Dave (pictured here). Violet is endlessly fascinated by guitars and harmonicas, dad's instrument of choice. She also has a little microphone and amplifier she regularly sings into and cranks up to top volume, just like Uncle Dave!
  • The Junk Foodie 5 of 10
    The Junk Foodie
    Oh! You're still here! I thought you abandoned me once you realized I curse in front of my kid. I was just over here rubbing McDonalds french fries all over my naked body. They must sprinkle cocaine on these is all I can figure. Violet doesn't know the name McDonalds, but she sure knows what the building looks like. Each time we pass it she says, "French fries?" Who am I to refuse? That would just be mean. And those apple slices they've started sticking in happy meals? We just laugh and laugh. Apple slices? Girl, please.
  • The Inquisitor 6 of 10
    The Inquisitor
    She's wants to know about everything. Sure, I know this is a common trait across the toddler board, but she really digs talking over stuff and studying things very intently.
  • The Reader 7 of 10
    The Reader
    Serge and I are both big readers and we've read to her constantly since the day she was born. As a result, she seems to really dig books. If I could choose one trait of mine that she would take with her to adulthood it would be this one. You cannot overestimate how a love for reading can change a life.
  • The Klutz 8 of 10
    The Klutz
    It's not my fault! It's like the furniture jumps out to thwart my progress through a room! It's a furniture vendetta! Okay, maybe not. As my husband says, "I'm not the most careful person". Neither is Violet. She falls at least a dozen times a day. One of the first things she learned to say is, "I'm okay!"
  • The Lover 9 of 10
    The Lover
    Lots of smooches and hugs going on up in here. I ask her for "a smoocher" about a million times a day and she always complies. Can you kiss a kid too much?
  • The Dog Whisperer 10 of 10
    The Dog Whisperer
    We're huge dog people and so is she. I'm so glad she's the kind of kid who isn't afraid of dogs. Of course, as she grows we need to teach her that all dogs aren't as great as Max and Milo, but for now I'm happy that she is having such awesome dog experiences.

Tell me in the comments: What has your toddler picked up from you?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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