10 Typical Quotes From Your Toddler

crying toddler
He just gave his mama a line, I bet.

Oh, Toddlers and their lines! Yesterday I asked friends on Facebook what was their favorite (or least favorite) annoying line from their toddler and I got a whole bunch of great responses. I’m sure all of you will recognize the words and phrases presented here in this slideshow. How many of these have you heard thus far? How many times a day have you heard them? Now, how much do you want to lock yourself in a closet and cry? Enjoy! P.S. Add your own in the comments!!

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    I don't want to wipe your butt either, but I do it.
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    This seems a little too early for this phrase, but yet, they say it anyway. Hmmm.
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    Sorry for making you in my uterus.
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    How many times can one kid say this in one minute...and go!
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    By all means...we have our entire lifetime for you to figure out how to put on your shoes...(looks at watch) did we miss the entire Gymboree class yet?
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    Yeah? Me neither.
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    Enough said.
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    Oh, the manipulation!!
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    If you haven't reached the age of 'why?' yet, trust me on this one, start preparing your arsenal of
  • The famous “Are we there yet?” 10 of 10
    The famous "Are we there yet?"
    This comes in many forms, and will remain a staple, or so I've heard.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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