10 Ways Having a Toddler is The Best Thing In The Universe

These toddlers of ours, they seem to get a lot of flack especially in the blogging world! I can’t excuse myself from this; I’m a part of the “guilty” party.

I mean, the crazy things these small, beautiful children do are funny. Exasperating. Frustrating. Maddening.

But they are also soul-filling, heart-rendering, earth-shatteringly amazing. As much as I appreciate the community of moms and dads I’ve found online and in real life, those ones who can commiserate with me when I’m haggard and at my wit’s end, I appreciate what my kids do for me even more.

Which, one would hope, is how it should be; that for every tantrum there is tooth-gaping grin and squeaky voice at the end of the day that bestows the best, “I wuv you mama,” that you’ve ever heard. The chubbiest arms that flop and grab at you around your neck to pull you in close, building up your reserves for yet another day in the land of the grand, the bad, and the mighty.

Life with toddlers doesn’t suck nearly as much as life with other adults can. In fact, they can be quite the refreshing reprieve…

  • Heart and Habit 1 of 11

    All of the ways in which having a toddler, or toddlers in my specific case, is rather fabulous...

  • Cuddles 2 of 11

    No one knows how to cuddle so sweetly more than a toddler. That moment when I pick up my girl from daycare, or my guy from school, and a huge smile spreads across their face as they come running at me, melts my heart. Every single time. Rocking them and singing songs is still the best way that I have to get them to go to sleep peacefully as they curl up in my lap or lay their little noggin on my shoulder, curling up into the curve of my neck. It's in these moments where I press my nose into their hair, inhale deeply, and wish for time to stand still. Any stress from the day slowly withers away. That's all it takes. A cuddle session with both or one of them and I'm golden.

  • Different Perspectives 3 of 11

    Oh, all of the things us adults think we have figured out, or that were SO important before we have kids. Now, I'm not saying that those without children don't really know what life is all about, but one's ideas on what's really important in life does change after having kids. This isn't about parents vs. non-parents. This is about seeing the world, people, and experiences through my child's eyes. I've let go of some of my narcism, self-doubt, selfishness, and self-entitlement and it's taken a few years for all of that to sink in. Their childlike perspective and necessary demands on my time both have a hand in re-shaping the way I think about things in life. For the better.

  • Only You 4 of 11

    That moment when no one else but me will do. When their arms reach for me and only me. When they shy away from a new person and their little bodies scurry around to the back of my knees, holding on with all their might, and looking up at me for all the answers. All of the reassurance that they need. Those are some mighty fine feel-good moments right there and they happen all the time.

  • Appearance 5 of 11

    Admittedly, I have a grand time in dressing my children. Which has nothing to do with the amazingness of their endless curls, silky soft skin, luxurious lashes, or big beautiful eyes. Accessories only put it all over the top. As do their humorous antics, penchant for entertaining, interpretative dance moves, and constant songs on their tongues. In miniature, unabashed form. I love how social, care-free, and creative they are in most all that they do.

  • That Toddler-Speak 6 of 11

    I mean, it's just non-stop entertainment, the things these toddlers say! From unfortunate mispronunciations to silly stories and exaggerated gestures, it truly is a joy watching and listening to their vocabulary, minds and imaginations develop. It happens multiple times a day where one of my children will say something that slays me with adorableness or humour and they don't even realize. Often my partner and I will look at each-other during these times as if to say, "THIS, this right here makes everything worth it."

  • Unconditional Love 7 of 11

    This two way street is the glue. The magic that people hope for in life. No matter what happened that day, this is the look my little ones give me most often, and I to them as well.

  • Discovery 8 of 11

    Watching my childrens' interests develop, watching and fostering their learning as they become more brilliant as each day passes, is the most satisfying, rewarding job I've ever had. Clearly, my boy hates reading.

  • Laughter 9 of 11

    When all else fails a good round of play wrestling, tickling, swinging them up in the air, belly kisses, and general tom foolery of that sort is all we (or they) really need or want. No materials or award winning toys necessary, just them and us. Hearing those little gurgles of laughter, squeaks of joy, and uncontrollable fits of belly laughs are some of the best sounds I hear during my day.
    Thus, proving my point...

  • Teachers 10 of 11

    What I think I know, I don't. Even when I think I have it all figured out, my kids show me another way, teaching me new lessons every day. 

  • Gamers 11 of 11

    Kids can make a game out of anything. A song or a even just a chorus on demand. The world is their personal play-house and nothing will get in their way. It's like they have a direct line to this big, pulsing jackpot of imagination and they have no fear about tapping into it, all the time. 


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