10 Ways Moms Recharge for One Hour (And Under $100!)

I think that one of the hardest things for mothers is to take care of themselves. I know that I struggle with it, between mothering and marriage and work and writing. It’s easy for those four things to take up every bit of my day before I collapse into bed at night, but it’s also so important for me to take care of myself. Just one thing for me every few weeks hits a “reset” button so I don’t get burnt out and start treading water.

The biggest problems are time and money, of course. So here’s a list of ways moms recharge nurture the soul, body, and wine habits in one hour for under $100.

  • Need to recharge on a budget? 1 of 11

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  • See a movie…by yourself. 2 of 11

    Okay. I lied on this one it's going to take more than an hour. But for $10, you can slip away from the world and into the dark. Your cell phone and brain can turn off and it's just…lovely. Try it sometime on your own you won't be disappointed, I promise.

  • Hire a cleaning crew 3 of 11

    Did you know you can hire a one-time cleaning crew for a specific amount? I've done it before holidays and guests and parties the big chains will clean at an hourly rate, so if an hour is $60, you can get an hour and a half of cleaning! They might not get your whole house, but you can prioritize the must-have areas and take a huge load off your weary shoulders.

  • Join a local recreation class 4 of 11

    Check your county parks and recreation system for a cooking or photography or pottery class or creative writing group. They meet for a set number of classes for different skill levels learning something new can really help pop you out of the rut that all you are is "a mom."

  • Invest in a gym membership 5 of 11

    Grab your sneakers and hit the treadmill for an hour, or a spin or yoga class. $50 per month gets me unlimited access to classes and equipment and it's a great way to relieve stress, disappear (no talking on phones allowed!), and take care of my body.

  • Get a pedicure 6 of 11

    The classic, right? But getting those piggies prepped can make you feel so wonderfully girly and relaxed as you sit in the massaging chair and pick out a new nail color to flaunt in summer sandals.

    (Pssst, that's the ever-lovely @mannlymama. You can find her on

  • Coffee Shop Date 7 of 11

    Know a momma that also struggles with self-care? Make a date with her to meet a coffee shop. Even if it has to be after bedtime, that's what decaf is for, am I right? You'll get in adult conversation and leave feeling loved for something other than your butt-wiping abilities.

  • Get a haircut 8 of 11

    Is there anything that makes you feel sassier than a good haircut? If you can't afford the works (I know my gal is pricey!), go for just a wash and trim and blow out. It will still boost your mood to have straight ends and a pretty coif.

  • Take a bubble bath 9 of 11

    Another classic, but an extremely economical one. Fill a tub, grab some bubbles (hey, no shame in borrowing from the kid!), light a candle and enjoy a glass of bubbly. I like to turn on music and lock the door against any outside noises (aka my kid hollering for a glass of water from his bed).

  • Get a massage 10 of 11

    Places like Massage Envy are great for cheap, decent massages. There won't be lotus flowers and flickering candles, but the masseuse is trained and it's an escape for an hour. Just be sure to drink a ton of water afterward!

  • Monkey Joe’s 11 of 11

    Don't be confused  - I mean to send Dad with the little ones to Monkey Joe's! For $5.00 per person, they can jump to their hearts content while you stay home and nap.



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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