10 Ways My Toddler Reminds Me of Grumpy Cat

So you know that whole “Grumpy Cat” that has taken the internet by storm? He’s this amazingly pissed-off looking cat that is now the spokesperson for all things miserable in first world lives.

It’s amazing, really.

After a particular grumpy day for myself, I flipped through pictures of the grumpy cat on Pinterest because really, is there any better way to cheer up? And it hit me just how accurate the descriptions were for my three and a half year old’s attitude towards life:

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    Click through to find out what Grumpy Cat and my toddler have in common!
  • Not impressed 2 of 21
    Not impressed
    Grumpy Cat doesn't care about your achievements.
  • Neither is my toddler 3 of 21
    Neither is my toddler
    He gushes over a toy at a friend's house and three weeks later I pull it out for his birthday. Reaction? Whatever, mom. That toy was SO three weeks ago.
  • Not entertained 4 of 21
    Not entertained
    Grumpy Cat is not amused.
  • Neither is my toddler 5 of 21
    Neither is my toddler
    Oh, you built an incredible six-foot tower for my dolls to live in? Here, have a block to your face. I hate your tower.
  • I’m not eating that 6 of 21
    I'm not eating that
    Grumpy Cat is not hungry.
  • and neither is my toddler 7 of 21
    and neither is my toddler
    Brussel Sprouts? Green beans? Carrots? I'd rather starve.
  • He won’t tell you he loves you 8 of 21
    He won't tell you he loves you
    No sweet nothings from Grumpy Cat.
  • Neither will your toddler 9 of 21
    Neither will your toddler
    You'll probably hear "I hate you!" more than "I love you" for awhile, although it is sweet when they finally crack and admit their devotion. Until then, just be glad they depend on you for their well-being.
  • He doesn’t care if you don’t sleep tonight 10 of 21
    He doesn't care if you don't sleep tonight
    Grumpy Cat doesn't care about your wake-up call.
  • and neither does my toddler 11 of 21
    and neither does my toddler
    9pm call for water? 11pm nightmare? 3am bedcheck? 5am kick to the face? Just another REM cycle in parent-land.
  • He hates fun 12 of 21
    He hates fun
    Grumpy Cat dislikes all positive activities.
  • So do toddlers (sometimes) 13 of 21
    So do toddlers (sometimes)
    Remember that time you scheduled a playdate at the pool and she announced that the pool was the WORST. PLACE. EVER?! Or that time you drag her kicking and screaming from the pumpkin patch/circus/birthday party? That's happened to us all.
  • He’ll say anything 14 of 21
    He'll say anything
    Grumpy Cat doesn't care about politics.
  • So will my toddler 15 of 21
    So will my toddler
    "Mommy, you're so big." or "Mommy, you laugh funny." Okay, thanks for the non-compliments.
  • He farted on you 16 of 21
    He farted on you
    Grumpy Cat doesn't care about the smell.
  • So did he 17 of 21
    So did he
    Toddlers are the gassiest things ever. And they think it's hilarious, much to your dismay. Which means your lap is officially target practice.
  • He hates siblings 18 of 21
    He hates siblings
    Grumpy Cat doesn't want company.
  • So do toddlers 19 of 21
    So do toddlers
    Yeah, it would be cool if you could just take that baby back, Mom and Dad. We were good with just the three of us.
  • He’s a big boy now 20 of 21
    He's a big boy now
    Grumpy Cat can do everything on his own.
  • So knock off the baby stuff 21 of 21
    So knock off the baby stuff
    I AM A BIG BOY! Doesn't matter that I can't tie my shoes or wipe my butt, I AM A BIG BOY. DO NOT HOLD MY HAND/CUT MY FOOD/OPEN THAT DOOR OR I WILL LOSE IT.

photos: istockphoto

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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