10 Ways to Make Christmas Day Special

Christmas is the only holiday (including birthdays) where I go all out. It’s not just about the presents–we’ve actually cut back quite a bit on spending. It’s all about making great memories for our kids, like my husband and I had when we were children.

With all the prep that goes into making Christmas happen, I want Christmas Day to feel like a party for our kids. Here are a few things we’ve done and a few suggestions from friends on ways to make Christmas morning special.

  • Christmas Day 1 of 10

    10 ideas to make Christmas day extra special for your kids.

  • Christmas Breakfast 2 of 10

    The night before Christmas, we make an overnight dish so breakfast is ready to go in the morning. A few of our faves are made in the crockpot. Check out these 8 crockpot meal ideas for Christmas morning.

  • Set Boundaries with Family 3 of 10

    On Christmas, everyone wants to see you. OK, it's really the kids. Everyone wants to see the kids! Make sure that you set boundaries and leave PLENTY of time for your kids to enjoy Christmas how you want. While Christmas is technically only December 25th, I seriously don't think your kids would mind celebrating with the grandparents on December 26th. 

  • Christmas Music 4 of 10

    After Christmas Day, Christmas music goes away for 11 months. Pandora has a few great Christmas channels that we play as background noise.

  • Photographs 5 of 10

    Don't forget to take photos and videos! This shot of my little boy playing in the background, my daughter cheering that she got the gift she want, and my husband's epic bed head hair makes me smile every time I see it. 

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  • Clue 6 of 10

    Make a game out of the Christmas presents. Surprise the kids with clues and hide their real gifts through out the house.  

  • Christmas Story 7 of 10

    For us, Christmas is a religious holiday. We go to church on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas night, we read the kids the story of Christmas and Jesus' birth. It's another way for us to make sure that our kids understand why this day is so special. 

    Christmas Story, available at Amazon

  • Happy Birthday Jesus 8 of 10

    We try our hardest to keep Christmas Christ-centered. One of the ways that we incorporate Jesus' birthday into the day is with a birthday cake for Jesus. Typically this is red velvet cake picked up from the store, but sometimes I ATTEMPT to decorate it, and this is what happens when I get a hold of icing (DISASTER! Thankfully, Jesus forgives.)

  • Gifts 9 of 10

    Opening gifts is always the highlight of Christmas day for kids. While some kids get more gifts than others, there are several gifts that any kids (or all kids) will enjoy. We put "To: KIDS" on the tag and let whichever child is done opening gifts open those gifts. No matter how hard you try, kids don't understand that some gifts are worth more than others.

  • No Peeking 10 of 10

    With little kids who like to raid the present area, last year we found a way to prevent the kids from seeing the presents from upstairs. We created a "No Peeking!" area with wrapping paper. 

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