10 Ways to Tell Your Second Child Apart from Your First

There’s just no love in the world like there is for your own child. And just when you think there couldn’t possibly be any more love in your heart, you give birth to your second child, and you’re just about ready to explode with emotion. Yes, you have that much love.

That being said, it’s nearly impossible to give the second child as much attention as the first, especially if the kids are close in age. The older child is usually old enough (read: manipulative) to demand your attention, especially at the precise moment it’s directed at your younger one, and your younger one probably doesn’t have the verbal and physical skills to maintain their desire for your attention quite like your older one.

As a result, it can become quite easy to spot the differences in each child. But just in case, here are 10 ways to tell apart your first and second children:

  • First Child vs. Second Child 1 of 11
    First Child vs. Second Child
    At first glance they're kind of the same. Until you realize they're so not.
  • Messes 2 of 11
    Oh, did we miss a spot?
  • Baby Books 3 of 11
    Baby Books
    First child's: Bigger than the Oxford English Dictionary.

    Second child's: Do good intentions take up many pages?

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  • Tantrums 4 of 11
    Keep it down over there, will you?
  • TV 5 of 11
    Good luck getting the remote.
  • Birth 6 of 11
    You've seen one baby, you've seen them all.
  • Peanuts 7 of 11
    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  • Beer 8 of 11
    Ha. You wish.
  • Socks 9 of 11
    Matchy-matchy? Nopey-nopey.
  • Pacifiers 10 of 11
    What doesn't kill you still makes you stronger.

    You know, hopefully.

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  • Nurseries 11 of 11
    Oh, please. Like a baby will know the difference, anyway.

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