10 Ways Toddlers are Like Puppies

toddlers like puppiesWe are closing in on 3 weeks with our darling Labradoodle, Mister. He is a happy little puppy full of life and love. The toddlers are adjusting to our new family member.

It’s been over 13 years since my husband and I have had a puppy. We forgot how wild and crazy these little dogs are.  Funny enough – we thought the same thing about toddlers when our third child turned 18 months. “Oh crap, we forgot about this stage!” Over the last few weeks with our VERY FULL house, I have chuckled at how much toddlers and puppies are alike. Here are a few observations that anyone who had had a puppy and toddler will appreciate!

Here are 10 Ways Toddlers are Like Puppies:

  • Mess Makers 1 of 10
    Mess Makers
    Mister has torn threw a few stuffed animals and eaten a few toys. The boys, well they are just natural mess makers, like the one time they unwound dental floss and flossed the downstairs... yah, about that.
  • Will Not Follow Directions 2 of 10
    Will Not Follow Directions
    My toddler boys ignore me, and so does this dog! This kills me, especially when they both are outside running around, ignoring my calls to come in.
  • Treats 3 of 10
    What kid or puppy doesn't love treats? Unfortunately, the toddlers trying to share and fed our pup a little too much human food when sharing their treats
  • Potty Training 4 of 10
    Potty Training
    Is it bad we are more focused on potty training the dog than our 2 year old?
  • Boundaries 5 of 10
    You set boundaries and they tear them down!
  • Co-Sleeping 6 of 10
    Both puppy and toddler want to sleep in bed, but neither gets how to sleep with another person!
  • Whining 7 of 10
    I wonder if since both puppy and toddler speak whinese if they can understand each other? Just a thought.
  • Teething 8 of 10
    Just like my little 17 month old Zeke, this puppy is teething. He chews and bites anything!
  • Affection 9 of 10
    Belly and head rubs are loved by both!
  • Naked 10 of 10
    Our boys would love to spend their days naked. Mister, hates when I dress him (yes, I am that type of person who dresses dogs) - imagine that!

Yes, it’s like we have 3 toddlers in the house now. Sigh… at least they are all cute.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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