10 Wooden Toddler Toys To Put Under The Tree

wooden toddler toys My toddler’s Christmas haul last year consisted of far too many store-bought toys that required AA batteries, and a hacksaw to free them from their packaging!

This year, in an effort to get back to basics, I have been shopping for handmade toys that do not blink, or buzz, or force me to listen to the same song six million times in succession.

When it comes right down to it, my toddler’s taste in toys is pretty simple. He likes to build things, to use his imagination, to push and pull, and to stack and sort.

Check out this gallery of 10 fun, educational, and unique wooden toddler toys — all perfect for gifting this holiday season!

  • Wooden Cloud Stacker 1 of 10
    Wooden Cloud Stacker
    This eco-friendly, hand-crafted wooden cloud stacker will send your toddler's imagination into the stratosphere!

    $14.00 at Imaginationkids
  • Wooden Cookie Baking Set 2 of 10
    Wooden Cookie Baking Set
    This hardwood maple baking set is the perfect gift for your little foodie.

    $24 at UrbanHomesteaders
  • Double Rainbows Wood Puzzle 3 of 10
    Double Rainbows Wood Puzzle
    A simple educational puzzle, perfect for small hands and a hungry mind.

    $18.95 at manzanitakids
  • Wooden Toy Camera 4 of 10
    Wooden Toy Camera
    A natural, modern wooden camera to inspire the little photographer in your life.

    $28 at SassiShop
  • Rainbow Stacking Bowls 5 of 10
    Rainbow Stacking Bowls
    Hand-painted and non-toxic, these simple, bright stacking bowls are sure to entertain your toddler for hours!

    $23 at applenamos
  • Wooden Dinosaur 6 of 10
    Wooden Dinosaur
    Does your toddler love dinosaurs? This natural, shape-shifting wooden toy offers a fun way to help develop your child's fine motor skills.

    $30 at niharikabirla
  • Wooden Push Lawn Mower 7 of 10
    Wooden Push Lawn Mower
    Modeled after a vintage lawn mower, this natural wooden push toy is great for new walkers.

    $44.95 at littlewoodenwonders
  • Wooden Pirate Ship 8 of 10
    Wooden Pirate Ship
    Argh, matey — let the pretend play commence! This cute wooden pull toy is handmade out of poplar, and features AP certified non-toxic watercolor paint.

    $28 at ArmadilloDreams
  • Wooden Matching Tile Game 9 of 10
    Wooden Matching Tile Game
    A fun matching game featuring simple imagery on wooden tiles.

    $26 at littlesaplingtoys
  • Wood Toy Train Set 10 of 10
    Wood Toy Train Set
    What is a wooden toy roundup without a train set? This cute set is hand-crafted from pine and birch woods, and features strong magnets that attach cars together.

    $16 at nwtoycrafters

What is at the top of your toddler’s Christmas wish list this year?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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