11 Books for Your Toddler's First Day of School

books for first day of preschool
My daughter's first day of school last year.

Whether your toddler is heading back to school this fall, or will be starting school for the first time, it’s important to get them ready for that transition, especially if they are at all worried, scared, or nervous about it.

I’m thankful that my daughter was generally really excited about starting school last year. And after crying when we left her the first day, she hopped right out of the car the second day and didn’t even want us to walk her inside.

I think reading books with kids is a great way to help prepare them for new situations and also help them to acknowledge, and be able to talk about, the feelings that they’re having about starting something new. There are lots of great books out there about the first day of school, these are some of the best for toddlers and younger children who are getting ready to start preschool or kindergarten.

11 Books about School to Read with Your Toddler:

  • Babies on the Bus 1 of 11
    Set to the song of "The Wheels on the Bus," little ones will be delighted by this adorable picture book.
    $10.19 at Amazon
  • Curious George’s First Day of School 2 of 11
    My kids love Curious George and the shenanigans he always gets himself into. This is a cute story to introduce young children to the idea of going to school.
    $3.95 at Amazon
  • I Don’t Want to Go to School 3 of 11
    I wasn't sure I wanted to read my kids a book about not wanting to go to school, because they are both excited about school; I didn't want to introduce the idea of not liking it to them. But, if your child is reluctant, nervous, or sad about school, this a great book that addresses those emotions and fears. It teaches that school can be fun after all.
    $11.04 at Amazon
  • I Love School 4 of 11
    This is a great basic book for introducing what happens during a typical day at school in with fun rhyming words, and the pictures are simple and classic.
    $6.99 at Amazon
  • Kindergarten Rocks 5 of 11
    This book addresses many of the worries that kids have when starting school and is great for starting conversations with kids who may be anxious or worried. It's also a cute story because Dexter, the boy, is not scared, but his dog, Rufus, is of course.
    $6.99 at Amazon
  • I Love You All Day Long 6 of 11
    Such a sweet book for reminding a little one that your love for them goes with them even when you are apart from them. It also addresses some of the new situations that a child may experience at school.
    $6.99 at Amazon
  • Maisy Goes to Preschool 7 of 11
    The Maisy books are great for younger toddlers who are heading to school or daycare for the first time. The pictures are simple and colorful, and the story is all about the fun experience that Maisy has at school.
    $6.9 at Amazon
  • My Preschool 8 of 11
    Another simple book with great illustrations for the younger ones who are heading off to school for the first time!
    $11.53 at Amazon
  • The Night Before Preschool 9 of 11
    A cute rhyming book about Billy being nervous before school starts, but then learning it's so fun that he's so excited to go back!
    $3.99 at Amazon
  • Preschool Day Hooray 10 of 11
    If your kids are anything like mine they will have this book memorized by the third time you read through it. It's a simple poem that describes a typical fun day at school that toddler will enjoy!
    $8.99 at Amazon
  • The Kissing Hand 11 of 11
    This classic story about a mother's love going with her son to school is perfect to read to your little one who is heading off to school for the first time.
    $10.33 at Amazon

How are you preparing your toddler to start school this year?

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