11 Helpful Tips for Having a Fun Halloween with Toddlers

It’s Halloween time and the day and night will be full of excitement! Halloween is the one day of the year where your toddler can wear a cape and people won’t look at them weird. (Why must people stare? My kid just likes wearing a cape!)

We can’t wait to go trick or treating this year. Our toddler boys are 2 and 3 years old. This year will be super fun since they can talk, run up to doors by themselves and kind of understand why we keep knocking on strangers’ doors and getting candy.

Every parent wants Halloween to be fun for all, but with toddlers it can be a challenge. I asked a few mom friends for some words of wisdom when it comes to having a great Halloween with toddlers, check out what they said!

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    Before prepping for your Halloween with toddlers, read these tips from moms on ways to make sure your Halloween goes smoothly!

  • Nap! 2 of 12

    Make sure your toddler is well rested. I'm letting my toddlers take as long of a nap as they would like!

  • Explain What’s Going On 3 of 12

    Even if it's their third year trick-or-treating - let's face it - Halloween is WEIRD! Explain what Halloween is to your child and what it all entails. Explain that something that may seem scary are not REAL. Even walking through Target, I quickly realized my toddlers had no idea why I would take them down an aisle with monsters!

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    Don't forget to take photos of your kids in costume. Just a hint from one parent to another - take the photos before mentioning the word CANDY. Photos in the dark never turn out great. Take your Halloween photos right after the costumes are put on - and if you have to - give them a piece of candy to smile. It works, and I am not above that.

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    Around our neighborhood, trick-or-treating start around 6:00 pm and goes until 9:00 pm. Find a time that works best for your child and family schedule. If you eat dinner late, 6:00 maybe way too early for you or if there bedtime is 8, make sure you head out early!

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    Yes, we know you REALLY want to paint your son's face and hands green to match the all green army suit so that he can be a plastic toy soldier - but if your kid isn't happy the night is NOT going to go well. Make sure your kid is comfortable and can move in their costumes.

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    Be aware of the weather. It's rainy here in Texas. Make sure that you have your kids dressed for the weather, consider bringing a back-up jacket or putting them in boots if it's wet.

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    Use trick or treating as a teaching opportunity. Nothing is sweeter than a little toddler who knows how to say please and thank you and that stepping in flower beds is rude. Okay, maybe "Trick-or-Treat please," doesn't work - but thank you always does!

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    Bring a flashlight! Flashlights are a staple for us when trick or treating. Street lights in our neighborhood are pretty - but not that bright! I tried using my phone with an app last year, it worked great until my battery drained. 

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    In an ideal world your toddler would be so excited that every house he ran and down knocking on doors, getting candy and so on an so on. The reality of it is your child may last a block and then will get tired. Bring a stroller or a wagon. Not only will it help you haul your kid - you can also haul candy, costumes (our kids like to rip them off half way thru trick or treating) and coats.

  • Roll With It! 11 of 12

    Your toddler may only last a street. While you may have expected to fill up the entire pillowcase with candy, if your kid is melting down - take him home. I remember our first year trick or treating I was so disappointed that our daughter didn't last more than a few houses. I had spent more time getting her in her costume than we did trick or treating. WAH! 3 kids later, I get it - when it's time to go home - it's TIME TO GO HOME!

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    Yes, let your kid eat some candy but have an exit plan for the candy! We go through and make piles of good and bad candy (bad being stuff we don't like). The bad immediately goes in a bag to be given away and then we let the kids eat a good deal of candy on Halloween night. But here's the deal - after Halloween there is NO MORE candy! Consider donating your candy and you child can earn $1 a pound through the Halloween Candy Buyback Program.

What Tips Do You Have for Trick or Treating with Toddlers?

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