11 More Normal But Awesome Toddler Rooms

Lizzy's room, compliments of La Buena Vida blog.


A few days ago, I showed off 15 incredible nurseries that were for real people.

You know, the kind that don’t spend $10,000 on a nursery or whatever it is that celebrities manage to do just in time for the baby photo reveal magazine cover.  I’m not hating on that kind of money, but it’s just not obtainable for most of us.

The best part was everyone’s reaction on Twitter and Facebook that FINALLY, nurseries that were pretty and functional but not rivaling Martha Stewart.  Nurseries that didn’t send us running from Pinterest in tears or burning our fingers with hot glue guns.  Instead, rooms that cultivated toddler creativity and reflected functional fun, from incredible Ikea storage to bunkbeds and shared bedrooms to bright colors and even rental spaces.

11 more readers & friends (even a stay-at-home dad!) submitted their toddler rooms – take a peek for some fun inspiration:

  • Woodland Nursery 1 of 11
    Woodland Nursery
    "My favorite thing about Logan's woodland creature nursery (besides the super cool DIY terrarium) is that it has grown with him from babyhood to toddlerhood and beyond." ~Vanessa
  • Turquoise and Lovely 2 of 11
    Turquoise and Lovely
    "Lizzy's room is by far my favorite room in the house--my sister-in-law painted this incredible tree mural, and nearly everything in the room (the quilts, the artwork, the dresser) was either made by family, or belonged to someone in the family. We point out different things all the time and always talk about who made or gave the things to Lizzy, and how much her family loved her before she was even born. If we ever have to move away, I'm certain that I'll be more upset about leaving her room behind than anything else--and if we don't ever move away, I'll probably end up being that mom who never lets their kid change the room that they grew up in--I just love it so much!" ~Meredith
    Photo Credit: La Buena Vida
  • Alien Room 3 of 11
    Alien Room
    "When I was younger, I never had room themes. Sure, I had the opportunity to pick the wall color or a bed set, but never an actual theme. I took advantage of the opportunity to choose a theme(with the help of the wifey) and went crazy with it. I wanted a more masculine feel to the room, while keeping it boyish. What says boy, other than rockets and aliens! Being an artist, I took the chance to save money and paint the room myself without using decals or stencils. All paintings are hand drawn in a fashion to mimic a child's drawing skills, so it looks more like a kid painted the room rather than a professional. We included bedding with a similar theme and colors that boys love. The moon was the hardest to paint. It took a little over an hour and involved painting wet on wet to get that right feel. Overall, I love the room and hope to come up with an even better and more involved theme in the future." ~Christopher
    Photo Credit: SAHD (whatever that means)
  • Simple Cowboys 4 of 11
    Simple Cowboys
    "Simple, inexpensive, Cowboy themed toddler room. A splash of tan to a light blue room by trimming the top, framing in the pictures and adding the same color comforter." ~ Shanáe
  • Functional Closet Storage 5 of 11
    Functional Closet Storage
    "Ikea dresser that is classic enough to grow into teenager years. Embroidery hoops with fabric and princess tower tent filled with stuffed animals. I think my favorite item though is the shoe organizer in her closet. The lower pockets hold small toys within reach and the higher pockets house her hair bows, lotions, diaper creams, and socks (things she shouldn't get ahold of)." ~Katie
  • A Good Crib to Grow With 6 of 11
    A Good Crib to Grow With
    "Her room is small but very much loved. I have two favorite parts from her room. I love her crib. We spent the extra money and decided on a life time crib. It has help up to her teething, jumping in it, kicking it, and running in it. It still looks brand new. We haven't removed the rail yet as she has not tried to climb out, even though she has done everything else to that crib. It will grow with her to a toddler bed and when she is ready to a full size bed." ~Angela
    Photo Credit: Belle's Butterfly Dreams
  • Oh, The Places You’ll Go! 7 of 11
    Oh, The Places You'll Go!
    Inspired by the classic children's book.
    Photo Credit: Cook With A Little Of This
  • Art and storage. 8 of 11
    Art and storage.
    "But his favorite thing in the room a lightning McQueen sheet set. He literally squeeled opening it on his birthday." ~Selena
  • When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Superhero. 9 of 11
    When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Superhero.
    He's 3.5 and loves superheroes, Iron Man being his favorite. Needless to say, the giant sticker is a big winner. We keep all of his little toys that we don't want his 13 month old little brother playing with in the cloth bins and on his train table (which rarely sees a train). Eventually, both boys will be in there and the train table will come out." ~Leslie
  • Keeping The Favorites Close By 10 of 11
    Keeping The Favorites Close By
    "Big hits are his lego table and his easel. You can also see his beloved anywhere chair and his toy shelf filled with dinosaurs, toy story characters, cars and Mr Potato Heads!" ~Jill
    Photo Credit: Momma Totally In Love
  • A Big Boy Bed 11 of 11
    A Big Boy Bed
    "My favorite part of Robbie's room is his full size big boy bed. It's big enough for him to spread out like he likes to when he sleeps. There is also enough room for cuddle time with momma and daddy." ~Ashley

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