11 Myths About Mothers Who Work Outside of the Home

11 Myths About Working MomsIt took me a long time and a shiny new job, but I have to say that I L-O-V-E being a working mom these days.

I love the challenge in the office but I love that my new job is fewer hours, meaning more time with Harrison.  I love how much my kid loves his school but I also love my paycheck.

Last week, my post on why daycare rocks a box of unicorn sprinkles was syndicated on Yahoo! Shine and of course the comments came flooding in.  Mostly about how I shouldn’t have children if I can’t be with them and how selfish women like me are what is wrong with the world.  Not like it’s 2012 with women’s liberation and education and a crashing economy that requires many of us to go back to work after having babies.  That’s just the crazy in me talking, I suppose.

In response, I thought I would try and debunk some of the “myths” surrounding women that work outside of the home:

  • We only work for money 1 of 11
    We only work for money
    There's a lot of reasons that women choose to return to work - finances, health care benefits, certifications, or just because she loves to work.
  • We don’t nurse our babies 2 of 11
    We don't nurse our babies
    On the contrary, many of my working momma friends were able to establish good breastfeeding skills before returning to work.
  • We don’t pay attention to our children 3 of 11
    We don't pay attention to our children
    Personally, I don't get work emails on my phone. We have family dinner & we go to the park regularly. I save lunch hours to attend daycare functions, like his fall party next week. I try to not let my office life effect things that Harry wants to do.
  • We get to pee alone 4 of 11
    We get to pee alone
    If by "alone" you mean a mere foot from a coworker I barely know, trying not to laugh as she farts or praying someone doesn't come in after I've had Chilli 4Evah for lunch, then yes! I pee alone every day.
  • We let someone else raise our babies 5 of 11
    We let someone else raise our babies
    Yes, his daycare teachers have a big role in his learning, but they were selected by me for being the best. And I do believe I'm still the one answering the 3am wake-up calls, not the daycare center.
  • We’re not nurturing 6 of 11
    We're not nurturing
    Because only trolls could walk away from a crying toddler every day, right? It takes a lot of pep talks and tearful calls to my husband after drop-off, but I remember that I have to put on my game face before I step in the office. But not a moment goes by that I don't think of my little man.
  • We have housekeepers 7 of 11
    We have housekeepers
    Sure, some do! But not all of us are able to afford it, which means that I'm scrubbing floors in the evenings or on the weekends.
  • We’re miserable in our choice 8 of 11
    We're miserable in our choice
    There are hard days. There are days I miss my child horribly. But there is also great personal fulfillment in employment that cannot be denied.
  • We work because we’re spoiled and want fancy clothes 9 of 11
    We work because we're spoiled and want fancy clothes
    A lot of us work to afford basic necessities, like a roof over our heads and food on the table.
  • We should have married better men with better jobs 10 of 11
    We should have married better men with better jobs
    And your momma should have taught you better manners. I like my man just fine, thank you.
  • We are stressed to the max 11 of 11
    We are stressed to the max
    Okay, this one is pretty true just because I am juggling work, motherhood, romance, house, etc. But I can still carve out time for friends and relaxation if you let me know far enough in advance!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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