11 Reasons I Love My Toddler

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I think all mothers love their children deep down. We may complain about things they do, or the stresses of motherhood. But none of us can say we don’t like our kids.

Well, if you can… seek help immediately!

But I started to think about the traits I absolutely adore in my toddler, and while he may hoard socks under my couch and drive me nuts so I look forward to the says he is going to be in school for half the day… I could never imagine my life without him.

I think it is always good to take a moment and look at all of the amazing traits your kids have, and embrace them, and love them.

It really brings you back to square one of motherhood.

What do you love most about your kids?

  • I Love His Grin 1 of 11
    I Love His Grin
    My little guy has one of the best smiles ever.
    While I may just love it so much because he is MY toddler, it totally melts my heart daily.
  • I Love His Cuddles 2 of 11
    I Love His Cuddles
    He is my cuddly boy.
    Every morning after my husband leaves for work, he sneaks into my bed and goes back to sleep with me till it is time to get up for the day.
    It has to be one of my favorite parts of the day.
  • I Love His Curiosity 3 of 11
    I Love His Curiosity
    It is still amazing to me, even though he is my second child, all the little mile stones.
    Every time he picks up a cup and wants to learn how to drink out of it, or tries to copy his name on a piece of paper.
    He WANTS to learn and it is one of my favorite traits in him.
  • I Love His Fireman Obsession 4 of 11
    I Love His Fireman Obsession
    My oldest son is obsessed with fire trucks, and the fire department, but nothing like Ben is.
    He knows ALL the trucks, terms, words the guys use... hell he knows all the guys by name!
    If anyone in our family will be a fireman... it will be him.
  • I Love His Bond with His Brother 5 of 11
    I Love His Bond with His Brother
    He wants to be his older brother so bad.
    And I love watching it, because I remember doing the same when I was a kid.
    He looks up to him, and it is adorable!
  • I Love His Voice 6 of 11
    I Love His Voice
    He has the cutest voice ever.
    This little man, with words like yoga, and episode... just the way they sound coming out of his mouth makes me love him more and more.
  • I Love that He Is Brave 7 of 11
    I Love that He Is Brave
    I love how brave he is.
    He always puts on a smile, and a strong face no matter what we have to do or go through.
    Even at the doctor, he is a trooper!
  • I Love that He is Still a Baby to Me 8 of 11
    I Love that He is Still a Baby to Me
    He may be almost three years old, but he is still my baby boy.
    He acts like a baby in more ways than one, including how he loves to cuddle up and go to sleep on me.
    He always needs hugs and kisses at bedtime too.
  • I Love that He is The Dirty Kid 9 of 11
    I Love that He is The Dirty Kid
    Most would probably hate it, and I did for a while.
    But I love that Ben is my little pig pen. No matter how many times I wipe his face down on a daily basis, he manages to get anything and everything he comes in contact with on his face.
    Whatever... he is cute either way. I would rather not battle to wipe his face!
  • I Love His Love for Books 10 of 11
    I Love His Love for Books
    He is a book worm.
    And I love it!
    If he had a choice between 10 toys, and a book... most days he would pick the book and as a mom that is something I adore.
    Wouldn't all moms want their kids to have the same love?
  • I Love My Ben! 11 of 11
    I Love My Ben!
    Overall... I love my baby boy Benjamin!
    Everything about him... well almost everything!

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