11 Reasons that Daycare is Awesome

Back in April of this year, we decided to pull Harrison from our one-on-one nanny and put him into a daycare center.

I had many of the standard fears regarding daycare centers. Would he settle in? Would he like his teachers? Would his teachers be nice and competent? Would he get sick? What would I do if he hated it?

Thankfully, we have had nothing but a wonderful experience with daycare so far. Yes, there are sniffles and that can cause drama over who stays home with the sick kid. But his vocabulary has exploded along with his confidence and play. He’s made fantastic new friends, and I never worry when I drop him off in the morning. I know he’s in great hands, and I will hear all about his fun day when I pick him up in the evening.

Here are other reasons that daycare farts cupcake unicorn sprinkles for toddlers:

  • She eats better 1 of 11
    She eats better
    Sitting at a table with little friends, there is no refusing food without going hungry the rest of the day. This means she'll eat more, eat better, and will be introduced to new foods.
  • Growing independence 2 of 11
    Growing independence
    He washes his hands, puts on his shoes and socks, potties, and puts on his jacket, all by himself. These are skills that both teachers and peer guidance helped him learn quickly!
  • She learns to take a turn 3 of 11
    She learns to take a turn
    She has to raise her hand in circle time and wait in line ... learning that it's not about instant gratification is an excellent life skill.
  • The teacher-child relationship 4 of 11
    The teacher-child relationship
    His wonderful teachers give him two more adults that he adores and trusts, that help guide him through life. It's also great for me to have folks that I trust to watch him and report back to me on everything he does that day.
  • Getting ready for real school 5 of 11
    Getting ready for real school
    He learns to interact with his peers, his elders, and in a "school setting." By the time he gets to kindergarten, he will be well-adjusted to a classroom schedule, including lunch at a table with friends and taking a nap on a mat.
  • Making momma friends 6 of 11
    Making momma friends
    Make friends with the other moms in your kid's class for working mom support and ideas. Hang out on the weekends!
  • Way better art class 7 of 11
    Way better art class
    Momma's version of art is markers and playdoh. Maybe. Teachers bring in scissors, glue, paint, and all the fun messy stuff. He creates way more at daycare than he did at home!
  • They’re hands-on all the time 8 of 11
    They're hands-on all the time
    Science, foreign language, yoga poses, songs, dancing ... they do it all. Which means there's no television, no boring errands to run with mom, and no momma losing her temper.
  • Learning to play 9 of 11
    Learning to play
    You'll probably find his imagination take off, along with role playing and interactive play, instead of parallel play. The teachers do a great job of including the entire class in structured play.
  • He meets his best friends 10 of 11
    He meets his best friends
    They play together on the weekends, and he chatters the whole way home about he played trucks with one little boy, then went sliding with another. (See also: far more birthday party invitations!)
  • The end of the day 11 of 11
    The end of the day
    There is NOTHING better than seeing your kid run straight for you with a big smile on his face, yelling "MOMMY!!!" Best part of my day.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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