12 Cheap and Easy Kid's Goody Bags

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The summer is a break from many things— one of them being the kid’s birthday party circuit. But once school starts, I bet those invitations start pouring in.

Every parent tries to differentiate their kid’s party from the rest — whether it be because they made it into the birthday blowout of the year or because they kept it super relaxed and casual.

In the two years I have been throwing birthday parties for my daughter, I have always preferred to do something inbetween.

Something that shows thought was involved but not that I spent every waking moment and spare dollar on a kid’s party that nobody (including the birthday girl) will remember next year.

One of the best ways to show off your birthday party creativity is with the goody bags. Since I am from New York City, I have been to parties where each kid goes home with a themed T-shirt or an expensive set of blocks.

I think that’s ridiculous.

The trick is to do something fun that the kids will appreciate, that won’t be thrown out the second the parent walks out the door, but also to make it cheap and simple. There are no bragging rights for spending a ton of time and money on twenty gift bags for little kids.

Below are ten examples of creative ideas that shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars or take more than an hour of your time to put together. Many of them even involve something you already have in your kitchen cabinet— Ziploc bags.

  • Ziploc Butterflies 1 of 12
    These are creative and super easy. All you need are Ziplocs, clothespins, pipe cleaners and the candy of your choice. You can even make each wing a different treat. And if you're feeling generous, use a pretty hair clip instead of the clothespin.
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  • Lego Goody Bags 2 of 12
    Can you think of anything simpler than cutting out a bunch of colored circles and gluing them to a bag? TA-DA! Legos!
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  • Ziploc Lego Bags 3 of 12
    If the task of filling a big paper bag is too daunting, put a bunch of crayons in a small Ziploc and top it off with these super easy DIY Lego head toppers.
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  • Printable Toppers 4 of 12
    Speaking of toppers, you don't have to make your own. You can buy almost any kind of Ziploc topper on Etsy. Then just fill the bag with the candy or treat of your choice.
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  • Magic Beans 5 of 12
    Wanna get clever? Put jelly beans in a baggie and call them "Magic Beans". You can even match the jelly beans to your color theme.
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  • Take Home Goldfish 6 of 12
    I can think of no better goody bag at a Sesame Street themed party than leaving with "Dorothy" in a bag.
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  • Carton of Sidewalk Chalk 7 of 12
    I actually gave these away at my daughter's birthday party. The carton has a top and handle which makes it easy to walk away with and you can even buy personalized stickers on Etsy to replace the sticker that comes on the box.
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  • Cookie Dough 8 of 12
    Cookie dough is a fabulously creative goody bag that will be enjoyed by both kids and their parents. Plus, you don't have to spend time baking anything yourself!
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  • Ghost Bags 9 of 12
    These super simple DIY goody bags filled with mini-marshmallows are prefect for a kid born in October.
    Found on Simply Designing
  • Owl Toppers 10 of 12
    These might involve a scissor and some handywork, but it doesn't look that hard. Plus once you've completed the owl, all you need is a brown lunch bag.
    Found on Apartment Therapy
  • Ziploc Dress Up 11 of 12
    There are a lot of things you can do to dress up a plain baggie including sticking a colored or patterned paper in back of your treat or gluing a ribbon along the bottom.
    Found on Heart of Light
  • American Flags 12 of 12
    This creative use of clear baggies uses blue M&M's, red twizzlers and Hershey's white chocolate to create something special that doesn't involve a glue gun.
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